1. Removal of pulpal fibers from a necrotic  tooth is done by using?
  2. During pulpotomy procedures, the dental instrument frequently used is?
    small surgical curette
  3. The appliance used to maintain the space of a second primary molar is?
    a space maintainer
  4. Once orthodontic treatment is finished, this appliance is used to stabilize teeth?
  5. Pedodontics is defined as limited to the treatment of?
    birth and mixed dentition
  6. Rubber dams are used during endodontia to?
    maintain apepsis
  7. During a root canal, irrigation is done with?
    a Luer loc syringe
  8. Attachment of anterior plastic brackets directly to the teeth is done by?
    acid etch bonding
  9. Cervical anchorage (headgear) is an?
    appliance which exerts distal force on maxillary teeth
  10. A mixed dentention usually consists of?
    both deciduous and permanent teeth existing in a child's mouth
  11. A condition where the mandible retrudes distally in relationship to the teeth of the maxillary arch?
  12. The term endodontist refers to a person who limits their  practice to?
    root canal therapy
  13. A result of malocclusion may be?
    difficulty in plaque removal
  14. One result of orthodontic treatment may be?
    an improved appearance
  15. Taking measurements of the skull?
  16. Angle's classification of malocclusion is based on?
    relationship between the maxillary and mandibular first molars
  17. Instrument used to remove the pupal fibers of an abscessed tooth?
  18. The dentist established the working length at the root tip during root canal therapy by?
    using an exact measurement on the x-ray
  19. Following perio-surgery, a common post- surgical complication is?
    severe bleeding
  20. The greek prefix "ortho" means?
  21. For diagnosis and treatment planning of root canal therapy, it is necessary to have?
    x-ray films
  22. Mechanical removal of the infectious material of a lesion?
  23. Apicoectomy is a surgical procedure involving radical removal of the?
    apex of roots
  24. An important function of the dental assistant in an orthodontic practice is?
    to motivate and reinforce home oral care
  25. Obtaining a specimen of a suspicious lesion?
  26. The etiology pertaining to orthodontics is the science of finding the cause of?
    crowding of teeth
  27. An abnormal passage?
  28. A technique to attach buccal tubes molar bands is?
    spot welding
  29. The arch wire is located on which surface?
    labial or lingual surface
  30. Used to tie the arch wire into orthodontic brackets?
    ligature wire
  31. To construct a mouth guard, the dental assistant must?
    take an alginate impression
  32. Orthodontic treatment frequently requires extraction of?
  33. A degenerative, noninflammatory condition of the periodontum?
  34. An alginate impression taken on a child patient should?
    mandibular arch
  35. A cause of malocclusion may be?
    oral habits
  36. One advantage of using fixed ( not removable) orthodontics appliance is?
    elimination of dependence on patients cooperation
  37. Placement of the high velocity evacuator tip is determined  by?
    the gravitational flow of water spray
  38. Determining the condition of the pulp of the tooth is done using?
  39. A patient scheduled for surgery using local anesthetic is cautioned against using____prior to the surgery?
  40. A tray set up for crown and bridge cementation includes?
    a sickle scaler
  41. Surgical patients experiencing a post-operative upset stomach should?
    drink ginger ale
  42. Topical anesthetic is effective on?
    epithelial tissue
  43. Epinephrine-impregnated cord is used?
    stop gingival bleeding and retract the gingiva
  44. Topical anesthetic application is done by?
    a spray applicator
  45. A function of the bridge is to?
    prevent movement of teeth
  46. The assistants eye level when seated is?
    4" to 6" above the dentist
  47. Exfoliation of a primary tooth occurs by?
    root absorption of the primary tooth
  48. The assistant gently applies pressure to a patients arm during the local anesthetic injection?
    to restrict sudden movement
  49. After the extraction of a tooth, the patient is instructed to?
    stay closed on gauze for 30-45 minutes
  50. A Class II cavity involves ___ tooth surfaces?
    occlusal and proximal
  51. A mounting device used to hold abrasive disks in the hand piece is a?
  52. A chemical bond is formed between the tooth surface and the cement during the setting process when using?
    Carboxylate cement
  53. A instrument used to cut and remove the carious dentin of a tooth?
  54. Full coverage of a deciduous molar best indicates use of?
    a stainless steel crown
  55. The purpose of the periodontium is?
    support the teeth
  56. An item that must be included on a setup for a study model impression is?
    a rim-lock perforated tray
  57. The setup for a pit and fissure sealant procedure must include?
    sealant solution and a light cure source
  58. Knowledge of the patients dental and medical health history may affect?
    treatment plan, frequency of appointment and drug prescribed
  59. An anesthetic carpule is considered "safe"to use if the?
    contents are clear and has small bubbles present
  60. To achieve proper adaption of matrix band materials it is necessary to?
  61. After topical application of flouride, a patient is told not to eat, drink, or rinse the mouth for ___ minutes?
  62. Periodontal pockets are eliminated with the __ technique?
  63. The dental assistant giving postoperative surgical instructions should include information about?
    medications to be taken
  64. Displacement of a rubber dam clamp may be prevented by?
    a ligature tied to the clamp
  65. Direct eye contact with a light curing source by the assistant should be limited to?
    completely avoid
  66. An instrument included in the set up for periodontal surgery is a?
  67. To protect the eyes from foreign objects such as amalgam pieces, you should?
    wear safety goggles
  68. During preparation for fissure sealants, the acid etch should remain on the tooth for __ seconds?
  69. The surface of one tooth that is touching an adjacent tooth is called?
    proximal surface
  70. The primary use of a high velocity evacuator tip is to?
    properly keep a clear field
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