1. which activity is a central aspect of the definition of marketing
    the exchange process
  2. during the production era of marketing
    businesses increase supply to keep up with demand
  3. the current era of is known as the
    marketing company era
  4. a value based philosophy is a key component of
    the marketing concept
  5. a consumer orientation does not usually focus on 
    production capability
  6. although the marketing concept enables an organization to analyze, maximize, and satisfy consumer demand, it should be realized that the concept
    is only a guide to planning
  7. the last step for a firm that practices a marketing philosophy is 
  8. customer service activities are
    indentifiable but relatively intagible
  9. workers can break the rules to honor customer requests with 
    employee empowerment
  10. which statement is incorrect
    consumers today are more satisfied with customer service than ever before
  11. the degree to which there is a match between customer expectations and the actual performance of a good or service is known as 
    customer satisfaction
  12. which statement about marketing is correct
    it places an emphasis on customer loyalty
  13. according to some estimates, marketing costs can be as high as what percentages of a firm's sales
    50 percent
  14. basic marketing functions
    usually must be performed by one party or another
  15. marketing directly to cusomers would often require a company to 
    make or sell complementary products
  16. a marketing plan
    contains an analysis of the current marketing situation
  17. Swot analysis consists of strengths, weaknesses...
    opportunities, and threats
  18. through ongoing swot analysis, a company can avoid marketing
  19. which of the following is not a factor primarily controlled by top management
    advertising strategy
  20. when it is considered important by a firm, marketing is 
    heavily involved in consumer research
  21. in selecting a target market, marketers usually
    engage in market segmentation
  22. which of the following is not a form of marketing organization
  23. product, price, promotion, and distribution decisions are components of the
    marketing mix
  24. whether to sell via intermediaries or directly to consumers, how many outlets to sell through, and whether to control or cooperate with other chnnel members are examples of decisions marketers must make about
  25. the most effective approach to the uncontrollable factors in the marketing environment is
    continuous monitoring of their effects
  26. in a monopoly, one firm
    has a lot of control over the marketing plan
  27. where a few large firms comprise most of an industry's sales, the competitive structure is best described as 
  28. a firm has the least control over its pricing strategy in
    pure competition
  29. which of these statements is not correct
    foreign competitors now play a declining role in many industries
  30. when a firm defines its competition in generic terms, it
    looks at competition as broadly as possible
  31. which type of competition most closely resembles generic competition
    indirect competition
  32. which statement about technology is true
    patents provide exclusive rights to sell new products for specific time periods
  33. to attain its objectives, a firm is well advised to 
    acquire feedback from the environment
  34. which of the following is a reason why a firm should continuously collect and analyze information regarding its marketing plan
    to monitor the environment
  35. which of the following is a component of a marketing intelligence network
    data warehousing
  36. which of these is never a type of commercial data base
    internal secondary data
  37. marketing research
    must be conducted in a systematic manner to be effective
  38. the first step in the marketing research process involves
    establishing the issue to be studied
  39. secondary data should be collected before primary data because
    it is generally more easily and inexpensively obtained than primary data
  40. which of the following is not an example of internal secondary data
    attending trade shows
  41. which of the following is an advantage of primary data
    information is current
  42. choosing 135 females ages 18-29 and 125 females ages 30 and older to participate in a research study by is an example of an 
    probability sample
  43. which of the following is not one of the four basic methods of primary data collection
  44. which of the following research methods has the least interviewer bias
    internet surveys
  45. among the advantages of conducting a mail survey is the 
    ability to complete the survey at a convenient time
  46. if a firm wants to study consumer attitudes through the use of bipolar adjectives it will most likely use 
    a semantic differential
  47. a major advantage of an experiment is its 
    ability to show cause and effect
  48. the process by which each completed data form is numbered and response categories are labeled is called
  49. which of these statements is incorrect
    marketing practices rarely encourage unrealistic consumer expectations
  50. corporate social responsibility
    balances short term profit needs with society's long term needs
  51. which of these countries annually discards the most trash per person
  52. a practice that encourages short run material wear out, style changes, and functional product changes is
    planned obsolescence
  53. an example of a process related ethical issue is
    price fixing
  54. which of the following statements about marketing is correct
    critics say there is too much commercialism by nonprofit groups and implicit endorsements for sponsor products
  55. which of the following is not one of the basic rights outlined in jfk's consumer bill of rights
    mass production
  56. during the fourth era of consumerism
    cooperation between business and consumers rose
  57. consumers who need it most
    use product information infrequently
  58. which of the following products does not fall under the jurisdiction of the consumer product safety commission
  59. the primary enforcement tool of the consumer product safety commission is 
    product recall
  60. which of these statements is correct
    consumers have the right to sue the makers of injurious products
  61. which of the following is not available to consumers in their quest to be heard
    a single overall U.S consumer agency
  62. the largest and broadest business operated us trade association involved with consumer issues is the 
    better business bureau
  63. in contrast to the 1980s currently
    there is somewhat more aggressive federal government posture toward consumer related issues
  64. companies are more likely to engage in international marketing when 
    competition in the home country in growing
  65. which of these is not a contributing factor to the us trade deficit
    the superior quality control for us made products
  66. cultural awareness most clearly requires marketing research on
    hidden meanings
  67. the gross domestic product
    does not take into account differences in living standards in different countries 
  68. developing countries have
    per-capita income of about $4,000 to $9,000
  69. which of the following is not a way in which an international firm can protect itself from the adverse effects of nationalism
    engaging in direct ownership
  70. which of these limits the quantity of specified prodects allowed into a country
  71. which statement is not correct
    economic communities are now illegal
  72. the highest level of commitment to international marketing is 
    direct ownership
  73. which of the following is a type of joint venture
    management contracting
  74. the least risky form of organization for international marketing
  75. standardized international marketing plans
    present a uniform image
  76. the international product planning strategy appropriate for laundry detergent formulation is 
    product adaptation
  77. in which of the following countries does pepsi market soft drinks via the domestic AmBev beer and soda company
  78. dumping refers to selling goods abroad
    to remove excess supply from the home market
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