10.22 nutr 775 vocab

  1. ACE Inhibitor
    angiotensin-converting-enzyme,drug used in treatment of hypertension and congestive heart failure
  2. Angioplasty
    procedure that uses a balloon to break up plaque deposits in an occluded artery
  3. Beta blocker
    used for management of cardiac arrhythmias
  4. Bile acid sequestrates
    —  bind bile acids in intestines, increase excretion of bile, clear LDL from blood, can result from loss of FSV
  5. CABG (aka coronary bypass surgery)
    —  Veins from legs or an artery from chest used to alter blood flow around diseased vessel
  6. Cardiomegaly
    —  increasing in size
  7. Cardiac cachexia
    —  moderate to severe malnutrition as a result of heart failure.  Characterized by marked loss of adipose tissue and LBM
  8. CHF(congestiveheart failure)
    —  inability of heart to provide sufficient pump action to distribute blood flow to meet the body’s needs
  9. DASH
    Dietary approches to stop hypertension
  10. Dentifrice
    —  agents used to clean teeth
  11. Diastolic
    —  refers to BP during relaxation phase of cardiac cycle
  12. Digitalis
    —  medications used to stimulate the heart
  13. DOB
    Dyspnea upon sleep
  14. DOE
    Dyspnea upon exertion
  15. dry weight
     estimate of body weight without any excess fluid in the lungs or in the tissues
  16. Dyspnea
    Shortness of breath
  17. Diuretic
    medication treats high BP by increasing rate of urination
  18. HMG CoA Reductase
    —  rate controlling enzyme of metabolic pathway that produces cholesterol
  19. Orthopnea
    shortness of breath at rest
  20. Paroxysmal Noctural Dyspnea
    shortness of breath at night
  21. Proteinlosing enteropathy
    nutritent losses in cachexia that deplete Fe
  22. Salt sensitivity
    —  individuals response to sodium restricted diet vary  (higher risk for developing hypertention
  23. SOB
    Shortness of breath (dyspnea)
  24. Systolic
    —  refers to the BP during the contraction phase of cardiac cycle
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