S&T Week 2 Ma40

  1. Agenda
    Printed list of topics to be discussed during a meeting sometimes giving time allocation
  2. Blind copy
    protects the privacy of email. Other recipients cannot identify who else may have received the transmitted message
  3. Form Letter
    Letter containing the same content in the body but sent to different individuals
  4. Full Block Letter
    Major letter style in which all lines begin flush with the left margin
  5. Keyed
    To input data by keystrokes on a computer keyboard
  6. Memorandum(memo)
    interoffice corresspondence, usually referred to as a memo
  7. Minutes
    Written record of topics discussed and actions taken during meeting sessions
  8. Modified block letter, Idented
    Modified letter style with indented paragraphs may be indented five spaces
  9. Modified block letter, Standard
    Major letter style where all lines begin at the left margin with the exception of the date line, complimentary closure, and keyed signature
  10. Optical Character Reader (OCR)
    U.S. postal service computerized scanner that reads addresses printed on letter mail
  11. Portfolio
    Notebook or file containing examples of materials commonly used
  12. Proofread
    To read a document to verify the accuracy of content that correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization
  13. Simplified Letter
    Major letter style recommended by the administrative management society that omits the salutation and complimentary closure
  14. Watermark
    Design incorporated in paper during the papermaking process that is visible when the paper is held up to the light
  15. Zip+4
    Standard zip code including four additional digits that identify a postal delivery area
  16. CPT
    Current Procedural Terminology
  17. est
  18. h/o
    history of
  19. hosp
  20. IC
    intial consultation
  21. OC
    office call
  22. OR
    operating room
  23. phys
  24. RTC
    Return to clinic
  25. UCHD
    usual childhood diseases
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