Infection Control

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  1. Used dental forceps must be?
    sterilized with heat
  2. Improper sterilization could result in patient infection such as?
    influenza, Herpes type I, Hepatitis
  3. Glass bead sterilization could result in patient infection such as?
  4. Sterilization by autoclaving is achieved by?
    steam under pressure
  5. Protective eyewear and masks are required by the Ohio State Dental Board when?
    working on a patient
  6. Gloves are required by the OSDB to be worn when?
    cleaning the treatment rooms
  7. You must disinfect all of the following except:
    patient records
  8. Prior to gloving, the hands are to be washed after?
    removing jewelry and watches
  9. The sterilization process by which all forms of microbial life are destroyed and is accepted for use in the dental office is?
    superheated steam under pressure
  10. To prevent both the staff or the patient from coming into contact with pathogens, the dental assistant must use?
    barrier techniques
  11. The presence of disease-producing microorganisms present in the operatory is referred to as?
  12. The recommended time for a chemical disinfectant to work is ___ minutes?
    30 minutes
  13. Disinfection of instruments is not to be chemically treated when the patient has?
  14. The best way to sterilize intracanal endodontic instruments is?
    glass bead
  15. The minimum temperature for dry heat sterilization is 340 degrees for ___ minutes?
    60 minutes
  16. Before gloving, hands are to be?
    thoroughly washed with antiseptic soap
  17. To protect oneself when handling soiled instruments?
    use heavy utility gloves
  18. Items that can withstand repeated exposure to heat can be?
    only heat sterilized
  19. Biological monitoring of an autoclave should be done?
  20. The OSDB defines barrier techniques as?
    patient/ personnel protection
  21. Surface disinfection procedures for countertops and chairs is to?
    clean with an iodophor spray and allow to dry
  22. Any organism capable of causing disease is?
    a pathogen
  23. Bacteria living only in the presence of oxygen are?
  24. Handpieces and prophy angles should be?
  25. Dental health care workers are required by the Ohio State Dental Board to?
    be inoculated for hepatitis
  26. One of the advantages of using an ultrasonic cleaner rather than hand scrubbing is? 
    it can get into areas that cannot be reached simply by scrubbing
  27. Color changes occur on the autoclave indicator when?
    it has been exposed to steam
  28. All forms of life are completely destroyed in this process?
  29. The mouth's most common bacteria is?
  30. The study of the spread or transmission od disease is?
  31. Long term appointment require gloving?
    every hour
  32. This is formed when water in the autoclave is heated at 15psi and 121 degrees centigrade?
    saturated steam
  33. The ultrasonic is used to clean instruments and can also be used for?
    calculus from dentures, removing cement from bridges, carbide burs
  34. Hands must be?
    washed and regloved after each procedure
  35. Record of sterilization monitoring should be kept for?
    State Dental Board and legal purposes
  36. Which of the following prevents cross-contamination while using gloves?
    Use a new pair of gloves between patients
  37. What does not sterilize?
  38. What is the best method to verify autoclave sterilization?
    Biological indicator
  39. They have contracted and may be able to transmit HBV antigen- positive persons?
    hepatitis B
  40. If a sterile pack is opened and not all of the instruments are used?
    scrub,rewrap, and sterilize remaining instruments
  41. When using the autoclave, timing the sterilization cycle should begin when?
    the correct temperature and pressure are reached
  42. Which is not a carrier-transmitted disease?
    Oral cancer
  43. Strength of the virus?
  44. The primary route of tuberculosis transmission is via?
    airborne droplets
  45. The substance produced by the body in response to Hepatitis B vaccine?
    an antigen
  46. Requires more than one dose?
    Hepatitis vaccine
  47. Alcohol is not an acceptable disinfecting solution because?
    it evaporates from surfaces too quickly
  48. The Hepatitis B vaccine should be administered?
    in the deltoid muscle of the arm
  49. Over packing the autoclave may result in?
    make s steam unable to properly penetrate the materials
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