1. flowering plants that produce seeds
  2. plants that do not produce flowers, but do make seeds
  3. type of dinoflagellate, produces great quantities of nerve poisons toxic to fish
    red tide
  4. rockweeds, gulfweed, kelp
    phylum phaeophyta
  5. responsible for growth and repair of plants
    meristamatic tissue
  6. spore bearing vascular plants
    ferns, horsetails, club mosses (not cycads)
  7. mosses and liverworts
    nonvascular plants
  8. organisms that obtain nutrients from dead organisms
  9. smallest chloryphll containing plants
  10. type of tissue that covers and lines all the body parts
    epithelial tissue
  11. body system carries materials to and from the cells
    circulatory system
  12. protects the body from disease
    immune system
  13. rids the body of waste
    excretory system
  14. supplies the body tissue with oxygen and removes excess carbon dioxide
    respiratory system
  15. breaks down food into a form that can be absorbed by the blood stream
    digestive system
  16. coordinates the activities of the body
    nervouse system
  17. helps regulate certain activities of the body by secreting hormones
    endocrine system
  18. prevents the body from drying out and provides a protective barrier
    integumentary system
  19. gives support and rigidity to the body
    skeletal system
  20. provides the body with the ability to move
    muscular system
  21. is responsible for the continuation of the human race
    reproductive system
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