Office Management

  1. When scheduling a patient for oral surgery the medical history should be checked for which of the following possible complications?
  2. Before insurance benefits are effective the patient must pay a/an?
  3. Patient records which record thr rendering of dental services are called?
  4. What part of the insurance form can be used as a reference for identification?
    social security number
  5. When dealing with insurance, services which include prosthetics are considered?
  6. If the dentist has dental malpractice insurance they are protected against?
    liability for negligence
  7. When reviewing a health history form where the patient has written "N/A" it means?
    not applicable
  8. A supply company may encourage the buyer to pay promptly by allowing a _____ discount?
  9. After balancing the assets and liabilities, the remainder is referred to as?
  10. The form used to list details of all dental treatment is the?
    patient chart
  11. Money owed is referred to as?
  12. When taking a phone message,  it is still essential to record?
     time of call, purpose of call, person who called
  13. Whether a phone call is a patient or not, it is still essential to?
    record time of call, phone number for caller, is it in an emergency?
  14. A patient's chart is a legal document. When necessary to transfer records?
    a photocopy of all records are sent
  15. A patient's history must include?
    SS number, address, place of employment
  16. A schedule book is divided into ____ minute time units?
  17. The following is NOT considered a clinical record?
  18. Supplies which are used up are?
  19. Cost necessary to practice dentistry are referred to as?
  20. The provider is the?
  21. The subscriber is the?
  22. The dental insurance carrier is the?
    insurance company
  23. If the expiration date on an item has passed, you should?
    tell the dentist
  24. A factor in patient medical history requiring immediate attention is?
  25. The most effective method of deciding the time to reorder an item is when?
    a minimum level of inventory is reached
  26. X-rays should be stored?
    lead box
  27. When the beneficiary shares in the cost of covered expenses it referred to as/an?
  28. The numbering system used on insurance forms is?
  29. A cross reference file is?
    to enable one to locate materials filled under other systems
  30. Some legal authorities recommended that records be kept for ____ years?
  31. A patient's records are?
  32. Who decides the legal duties of dental auxiliary?
    state dental boards
  33. If a non-sufficient funds check is returned to your office but cannot be redeposited you should?
    enter amount back to patient account, deduct amount from office account, subtract amount from the balance
  34. A co-insurance of 80% means the?
    insurance will pay 80% of the service
  35. Maintenance of patient's oral health is helped by?
    a recall system, skliied dental team, plaque control system
  36. When a patient asks for their x-rays when leaving your practice?
    offer to mail them to the new dentist
  37. If a credit memo is recieved from a supplier, it means that company is?
    reducing your account balance
  38. Considered a basic service for insurance purposes?
    restorations and periodontal scaling
  39. Another name for the Parotid gland is?
    Stensens duct
  40. The anatomical tooth is divided into?
  41. The most common method of annotating teeth by the ADA is?
    universal system
  42. Where two surfaces meet?
    line angle
  43. A vertical overlap of the maxillary teeth is referred to as?
  44. A quadrant in adult dentition is ____ teeth?
  45. A two surface cavity on the gingival portion of the right bicuspid is?
    Class V
  46. The most vital substance of a tooth is the?
  47. The following is NOT a supporting tooth structure?
  48. The lingual surface of a tooth is adjacent to the?
  49. The enamel producing cells are called?
  50. Pulpal damage that is irreversible is commonly caused by?
    caries damage
  51. The teeth names describe their function; incisors adapt their name for?
  52. A Class V cavity is located on the _____ third of the clinical crown?
  53. Morphology means?
  54. Where three surfaces meet?
    point angle
  55. The relationship of the upper and lower arches is called?
  56. The clinical crown is divided into?
  57. The parotid duct opens into the mouth from the inside of the cheek opposite the?
    maxillary second molar
  58. The cusp of carabelli is found on?
    permanent molars
  59. The occlusal view the maxillary first molar contains how many cusps?
  60. The highest concentration of flouride in dental enamel is found in the?
    outer surface
  61. The deciduous dentition is composed of _____ teeth?
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