BJ press Bible test

  1. reference in Dueteronomy that points toward the Trinity
    Deuteronomy 6: 4
  2. Old Testament Passage that points toward the Trinity
    Genesis 1:7
  3. brings attention to the Son
    Holy Ghost
  4. God's goal for all that He does
    for His name's sake
  5. Collosions 2:4 reffers to
    the Son
  6. rolls the Father and Son have in redemption
    • the Son is the Mediator
    • the Father is the Architect (not sure)
  7. the issue with Jehovah Witnesse's belief
    Jesus was not God
  8. worldview
    the set of beliefs that make up the lens through which you view everything
  9. Metanerative
    one big story that explains all of life
  10. four major effects of the fall
    • death
    • the ground is cursed
    • painful child labor
    • sinful nature
  11. subdueing the earth
    taking control of it, not abusing it
  12. seven covenants
    • Adam (in Eden)
    • Adam (after the fall)
    • Noah
    • David
    • Abraham + Moses
    • Christians
  13. do we all have worth and value? explain
    yes, because we are made in God's image
  14. Man's three responsibilities
    • replenish
    • subdue
    • take dominion
  15. three points in the story of the Bible
    • creation
    • fall
    • redemtion
  16. books of the Bibile
  17. writers of the Bible
  18. Israel is significant because
    they are God's chosen people
  19. Is God finished with Israel?
  20. consequences for the people who change the Bible
    God will summon the plagues of Egypt and remove them from the inheritance of God
  21. Revellations is about
  22. Things that assist in living in the world as a Christan
    • Bible
    • Church
    • Holy Spirit
    • Personal Standards
  23. Altamate truth of Revalations
    Christ will return
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