1. Value system of sales/collection process
    Point of contact between customer and enterprise
  2. Value chain of sales/collection process
    • goods/services to customers - cash to enterprise
    • includes one deferment economic event and one increment economic event
  3. Pattern of sales/collection process - transaction cycle
    • Instigation event
    • mutual commitment event
    • Economic exchange event
    • Resources
    • Agenys
    • Types
    • Various relationships
  4. Instigation Events
    • Marketing events, customer inquiers
    • may be internally or externally instigated
    • relationships - proposition, fulfillment & participation
    • related entities - inventory type, sales order, sales representative & customer
  5. mutual commitment events
    • customer orders, rentals, service agreements
    • agreed exchange of resources at defined future time; series of activities
    • relationships - reservation, fulfillment, participation
    • related entities - customer, inventory, sales rep, customer rep or order entry clerk, credit manager, sale order
  6. economic decrement event
    • sale, shipment, rental, or service engagement
    • is the revenue generating activity (resource made avail to revenue cycle is given up for resource)
    • relationships - fulfillment, duality, stockflow, participation and sometimes reversal
  7. picking slip
    prepared to authorize inventory clerk to "pick" goods out of warehouse
  8. packing slip
    also called packing list, identifies goods that have been shipped to customer; transfers custody of goods to common carrier
  9. bill of lading
    also indicates transfer of custody ofgoods from enterprise to common carrier; has a list of how many boxes, dimensions and/or weight of boxes
  10. sales invoice
    communicates to customer that enterprise has fulfilled its commitment and to remit payment
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