Ellen midterm part 1

  1. In a waters view, what do you see? (Modified also)
    • Petrous ridges below the maxilary sinusese
    • Modified: Ridges are into the lower half of ¬†maxilarry sinuses.
  2. What do you see in a Townes view?
    Dorsum sallae and posterior clinoid are projected in the foramen magnum
  3. What do you see in a caldwell?
    • At 15 degrees: Petrous Pyramids are into the lower 1/3 of the orbits.
    • At 25-30 degrees: ridges are below inferior orbital rim
  4. What do you see in a lateral view?
    Posterior and anterior clinoids as well as the dorsum sallae and sella tursica
  5. What do you see in a PA 0 degrees?
    Petrous ridges fill the orbits.
  6. What do you see in an SMV view?
    Mandibular condyles projected  antterior to petrous pyramids. Frontal bone and mandibular symphysis are super imposed.
  7. What do you see in a haas metthod?
    Dorsum Sallae in foramen magnum
  8. What do you see in a Townes Sella Tursica?
    • 30 degree angle: Anterior Clinoid
    • 37 degree angle: Posterior Clinoid
  9. What do ou see in a Axial Nasal bone?
    Anterior Nasal Spine
  10. What do you see in oblique zygomatic arches?
    Single zygomattic arch without super imposition.
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Ellen midterm part 1
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