muscle spasms & spasticity

  1. dantrolene?
    • exception to the drugs that act on the CNS
    • acts directly on skeletal muscle
  2. involuntary contraction of a muscle or muscle group
    muscle spasm
  3. usual treatment for muscle spasms? (general)
    • centrally acting muscle relaxants
    • aspirin-like drugs
  4. diazepam:  uses? mech of action?
    • used for muscle spasms
    • enhances effects of GABA
  5. adverse effects of centrally acting muscle relaxants?
    • CNS depression
    • liver damage
    • physical dependence
  6. cyclobenzaprine:  adverse effects?
    anti-cholinergic effects.  dry mouth, dizziness, constipation, blurred vision, etc
  7. Tizanidine: significant adverse effects?
    • liver damage*
    • psychological effects
    • hypotension
    • dizziness
  8. dantrolene
    • acts directly on muscle
    • prevents Ca+ release, thereby preventing muscle contraction
    • used for malignant hyperthermia
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muscle spasms & spasticity
muscle spasms & spasticity