Latin Seventh Grade Pompeian culture - Stage Three

  1. What was Pompeii built upon? How far away was it from Mt. Vesuvius?
    Pompeii was built upon a hill of ash  5 miles from Mt. Vesuvius
  2. What types of people were attracted to this Campanian area?
    Rich and wealthy romans
  3. Why were people attracted here?
    Peasant climate and peaceful surroundings
  4. How large was Pompeii? What protected the town?
    Pompeii was 163 acres, and was protected with a wall with 11 towers and 6 gates
  5. Give the modern names for the two wide streets of Pompeii
    Stabiae and the Street of Shops
  6. Give for details describing Pompeian streets
    Usually straight, made small blocks of houses, had high side walks, and had stepping stones across the road.
  7. What were the two main shopping areas in Pompeii?
    The forum and The Street of Shops
  8. How were different kinds of stores indicated?
    With painted or carved signs; goathead meant a dairy, and a hammer and chisel meant a stone mason.
  9. Describe how public notices were handled
    They were painetd on the side of white-washed buildings
  10. The forum as the center got many aspects of Pompeian life. Give three of them.
    Religion, local government, and business.
  11. Name one thing about the large theater
    Held 5,000 people
  12. Name one thing about the small theater
  13. Name one thing about the Amphitheater
    Held all of Pompeii with extra room.
  14. List six nationalities in Pompeii
    Roman, Greek, Syrian, Jewish, Africans, and Spaniards
  15. From where did Pompeii get its water? How was the water stored?
    From aquaducts, and in lareg jugs on the northern side.
  16. Explain the ways in which different obtained water
    Poorer romans would get water from a public pump in the center of town, and wealthier romans would get it piped to their house
  17. How would romans ensure peace and a stable government?
    By placing gaurds at important points, and having a large wall with 11 towers and 6 gates
  18. What were the two methods of transport?
    Ship and carraige (land and water)
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Latin Seventh Grade Pompeian culture - Stage Three
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