1. Maximum 90° crosswind component fortakeoff and landing
    29/G35 knots (U)

    Maximum crosswind values have been demonstrated with flight controls in normal law as well as direct law with and without yaw damper.
  2. Maximum 90° crosswind components (including gusts) for Autoland
    20 knots

    See paragraph 1.10.2, "Autoland".
  3. Maximum 90° crosswind component (including gusts) for CAT II/III approaches
    15 knots (U)
  4. Maximum tailwind component for takeoff(A320 with IAE engines)
    10 knots
  5. Maximum tailwind component for takeoff(All A319/321 and A320 with CFM engines)
    15 knots
  6. Maximum tailwind component for landing
    10 knots
  7. Maximum operating altitude
    39,000 feet (U)
  8. Maximum flap and/or slat extension altitude
    20,000 feet
  9. Maximum gear extension altitude
    25,000 feet
  10. Maximum operating airspeed (SL to FL 246)
    350 KIAS
  11. Maximum operating Mach number (> FL 246)
    .82M (MMO)
  12. Definition of Icing Conditions.

    OAT (on the ground and for takeoff) or TAT (inflight) is
    10 °C or below,
  13. Engine anti-ice must be on during all ground and flight operations when icing conditions exist or are anticipated, except during climb and cruise when thetemperature is
    below – 40°C SAT.
  14. Engine anti ice must be on prior to and during descent in icing conditions, including temperatures
    – 40°C SAT
  15. Maximum Winds for Automatic Approach, Landing, and Roll Out (including gusts).

    30 knots
  16. Maximum Winds for Automatic Approach, Landing, and Roll Out(including gusts).

    10 knots
  17. Maximum Winds for Automatic Approach, Landing, and Roll Out(including gusts).

    Crosswind other than CAT II/III
    20 knots

    See paragraph 1.3.1, "Operational Limits" for CAT II/III approaches
  18. The maximum allowable in-flight difference between captain and first officer PFD altitude displays for RVSM operations is
    200 feet
  19. Autopilot Engagement (after takeoff is SRS mode)
    100 feet AGL
  20. Captain PFD, ND, and the Upper ECAM Display Blank
    AC ESS Feed.............................ALTN
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