POSC 325

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  1. How many voting members of the House?
  2. HOw long is a House term
    2 yrs
  3. What is the term limit for the House
  4. How many House Members does CA have 
  5. How many Senatros and term length and limit
    100, 6 yrs, no limit
  6. How many CA Assembly Members?
  7. How long is Assembly terms and limits
    2 yers, have term limits (TBD)
  8. How many members of CA Senate
  9. Term length of CA Senate
    4 yrs, term limits TBD
  10. What is the fundamental philosophy of American Democracy
    One person, one vote
  11. What is the Public v. Private Interest Debate?
    Private; what can improve individuals life, liberty, and pursuit of hapiness

    Public: While not taking away from others' for th sake of society interest, needs,
  12. Groups who previously couldn't vote
    • Non land Owners
    • blacks
    • women
    • resident aliens
  13. Means to Prevent Voting
    • Poll Tax
    • Literarcy test
    • Intimidation
    • Voter ID Laws
  14. Literacy test?
    Disenfranchised illerate blacks, yet included a grandfather clause to allow illerate whites to vote
  15. Teachniques to Weaken Vote
    • Gerrymanderin
    • Cracking
    • Packing
    • White Primary
    • At-large
    • Malaproportioned Districts
  16. What is Cracking?
    Divide electoral districts in a manner which minority population is divided, and thus underepresented in every districts. Thus never elect a candiate
  17. Packing?
    Consolidate minoirty pop into onle elctoral districst, so all other districtw will remain white controlled
  18. What Protects People's Right to Vote?
    The equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment
  19. Impedimients to 3rd parites
    • Winer take all system
    • can;t be in debates
    • cannot run fusion ballots with other parites
  20. Common v. Civil Law
    Common: British, 49 states, Court decesions shape law

    Civil: LA, French, law is writeen down
  21. Difference between representative and direct democracy
    Rep: Elect a Canidate is reprsent your interest

    Direct: Ballot Meansure when populace actually votes on the law
  22. Means of Getting Measures on Ballot

  23. Three Elements of a Campagin
    • M: message
    • O: Organization (external and internal)
    • M: money
  24. What is most money spent on in a campaing
  25. Which aspect of campagin is most regulated
  26. Names and Levels of CA State Courts
    • 1. Trial Court---Superior Court
    • 2. Appelate Court: CA Court of Appeals
    • 3.Supreme: CA Supreme Court
  27. Federal Court Names and Types
    • 1. Trial Court---District Court
    • 2. Appellate Court---Circuit Court
    • 3. Supreme--US Supreme Court
  28. Renike list, Standards for Districting
    • 1.Districts should be numerically equal in population size
    • 2. maintian contigual and compact area
    • 3. preserve socila and economic commong interests
    • 4/ When creating CA Sentate Districts, use adjacent Assembly Districts, and congressional
    • 5. Maintian geographical region
    • 6. Basis of reapportionment should be 1970 Census
  29. When does strict scrutiny apply
    • 1. Suspect Class
    • 2. Fundamental Right
  30. Whats the Application of Strict Scrutiny
    • 1. Compelling state interest
    • 2. Narrowly Tailored
  31. When does rational basis apply
     action is rationally related to a legitimate government interst
  32. Application of Rational Basis
    Rational/reasonable state interest
  33. What Kind of Primary does CA have?
    Open Primary: top two vote getter, regardless of party, go to general election
  34. When looking at a statue the Court Considers
    Legislative history and legislative intent
  35. What does Section 2 of Voting Rights act do?
    Intent is not needed for a violation
  36. Section 5 of Voting Rights Act
    Places that have historical discrimination, in order to change "voting qualification or standard practice" must be approved by Attorney Genral or US district court
  37. Allen v. State Board of election
    Voters Rights act was intended to protect all action necessary to make a vote effective
  38. Type of Messages
    Negative and Positive
  39. Internal Organization of Campaign
    Running the business (logistics),  ex. Treasuer
  40. External organziation of campaign
    volunteers, filed people
  41. HOw much money spend on organziaton v. message
    • Organization: 15%
    • Message: 70%
    • Rasing More Money: 15%
  42. What is a PAC
    Political Action Commitee

    Was created because previously corporation and union s couldn't directionly give canidates money
  43. Three Major Forces in Democracy
    • Rights of Majoirty v. Minority
    • Public Interest v. Private FActions
    • Office holder exercising personal judgement or doing what electorate wants
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