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  1. The head of the second rib articulates with the body of the:
    1st and 2nd thoracic vertebrae
  2. From which of the following sympathetic ganglions does the greater splanchnic nerve get contributions?
    5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 thoracic sympathetic ganglions
  3. The posterior intercostal artery at the 6th intercostal space is the branch of the
    Descending thoracic aorta
  4. At what vertebral level does the arch of the aorta begins and ends?
    Lower border of T4
  5. The portion of the parietal pleura that extends 3-4cm above the first costal cartilage is called:
    Pleural cupula
  6. The xiphisternal joint is at the level of the body of the:
  7. The dermatome over the xiphoid process is:
  8. Which of the following nerves originates from anterior rami of C3-C5 nerves, passes through the superior thoracic aperture, runs between the mediastinal pleura and pericardium and innervates the diaphragm?
    Phrenic nerve
  9. The latissimus dorsi is innervated by:
    Thoracodorsal nerve
  10. The second costal cartilage can be located by palpating:
    Sternal angle
  11. Which of the following arteries accompanies the long thoracic nerve?
    Lateral thoracic artery
  12. Which of the following is the exact order of vein, artery, and nerve in the costal groove from above down?
    Vein, artery, nerve
  13. Which of the following quadrant of the breast is the most common site of breast cancer?
    Outer and upper quadrant
  14. Most lymph from the breast drains to the:
    Axillary lymph nodes
  15. Select a primary cartilaginous joint from the following list:
    Costochondral joint
  16. Select a secondary cartilaginous joint from the following list:
    Manubriosternal Joint
  17. Which of the following is a saddle type of synovial joint?
    Sternoclavicular joint
  18. Which of the following vessel passes behind the insertion of the anterior scalene muscle?
    Subclavian artery
  19. You are suspecting copious collection of fluid in the right pleural cavity of a 67 year old TB patient. If patient sat up with trunk upright, then in which of the following areas will the fluid accumulate?
    Right costodiaphragmatic recess
  20. Azygos vein opens in to the:
  21. The mediastinal pleura is innervated by:
    Phrenic nerve
  22. Trachea is a content of the
    SUPERIOR mediastinum
  23. The first costosternal joint is a
  24. The pump handle movement changes the
    ANTEROPOSTERIOR diameter of the thorax
  25. What is the dermatome over the clavicle?
  26. Select a false statement about the gland of Montgomery?
    • It is a modified sweat gland
    • (It is a sebaceous glands)
  27. Select a false statement about male breast:
    male breast cancer is diagnosed early and its prognosis is good.
  28. Which of the following syndrome is associated with gynecomastia?
    Klinefelter's syndrome
  29. Sympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system begins from which part of the spinal cord?
    Lateral gray horn of thoracic spinal cord
  30. Which of the following muscle is innervated by long thoracic nerve?
    Serratus anterior
  31. Following a radical mastectomy a 59year old woman developed winged scapula. Which of the following was the nerve cut during surgery?
    Long thoracic nerve
  32. The tubercle of the 5th rib articulates with the transverse process of the:
    5th thoracic vertebra
  33. Which of the following arteries is commonly used for coronary artery bypass grafting (CAGB)?
    Internal thoracic artery
  34. Hemiazygos vein opens into which of the following veins?
    Azygos vein
  35. The right internal thoracic artery is a branch of which of the following arteries?
    Right subclavian artery
  36. Which of the following veins is not a tributary of the azygos vein?
    Right brachiocephalic vein
  37. Which of the following nerve is formed from the T10-T11 thoracic sympathetic ganglion?
    Lesser splanchnic nerve
  38. Which of the following is part of the visceral pleura?
    Pulmonary pleura
  39. Cervical rib is attached to the transverse process of which of the following vertebra?
  40. Transverses thoracic muscle is innervated by:
    Intercostal nerve
  41. The anterior intercostal artery of the 8th intercostals space is a branch of:
    Musculophrenic artery
  42. Which of the following structures passes through aortic opening of the diaphragm?
    Thoracic duct
  43. Which of the following structures lies over the central tendon of the diaphragm?
  44. The hemiazygos vein opens into the:
    azygos vein
  45. What is the content of the deltopectoral triangle?
    Cephalic vein
  46. The scalene anterior muscle inserts on the:
    1st rib
  47. Which of the following structures may be compressed by the cervical rib?
    Subclavian artery
  48. Which of the following is NOT associated with the angle of Louis?
    • T2 vertebral level
    • (it is T4/T5)
  49. Which of the following arteries accompanies the phrenic nerve?
    Pericardiacophrenic artery
  50. Pain and proprioception sensations from the SCM are carried by:
    C2 and C3 spinal nerves
  51. Which muscle is not related to the deep fascia of the breast?
    • Latissimus dorsi
    • (deep fascia: Serratus ant., external oblique, pect. Major)
  52. What vein runs through the deltopectoral triangle?
    Cephalic vein
  53. Which of the following is an example of a typical rib?
    4th rib
  54. The Pectoralis Minor muscle is innervated by?
    Lateral pectoral nerve
  55. Which of the following mm is deficient in Poland syndrome?
    Pectoralis Major
  56. Breast develops from?
  57. Right internal jugular vein unites w/ the right subclavian vein and forms the?
    Right brachiocephalic vein
  58. The bucket handle movement changes the __ of the thorax?
    Lateral dimension
  59. The recurrent laryngeal nerves are the branches of?
    Vagus nerve
  60. The superior vena cava is formed by the union of which of the following veins?
    Right and Left brachiocephalic veins
  61. Which of the following structures is a content of posterior mediastinum?
  62. The intercostobrachial nerve is the lateral cutaneous branch of the?
    • T2
    • (cardiac referred pain)
  63. Which of the structures is a content of the middle mediastinum?
  64. Which of the following mm has a dual innervation?
    • Pectoralis Major
    • (lateral/medial pectoral nerve innervation)
  65. The dermatome of the breast nipple of an adult male is which of the following?
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