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  1. Who was the emperor that fled to Holland from Germany in 1918?
    Kaiser William II
  2. Why was the period 1919-1939 called the Weimar Republic?
    In november 1918, Kaiser William II (the emperor), fled to holland and Germany became a republic. The constitution for the new republic was drawn up in the town of Weimar. This is the reason it is called The Weimar Republic.
  3. What was the Reichstag?
    It was The Weimar Republic's parliament.
  4. What was the role of the Reichstag?
    To make laws, to approve taxes and elected government.
  5. What did the president rule by when there was an emergency, and explain what it means.
    The president had to rule by decree, which meant laws did not have to be approved by the Reichstag.
  6. What is the 'stab in the back theory'?
    Some Germans believed the politicians who signed the Treaty of Versailles had betrayed the brave soldiers who had never been defeated, this is called 'the stab in the back theory'
  7. What weakened the German people's support for democracy?
    The Weimar republic tried to pay back the reparations but this led to inflation which destroyed the savings of many Germans. They blamed the Weimar government for this.
  8. What year and where was Hitler born?
    Born in 1889 at Braunau am Inn, in Austria.
  9. Where did Hitler go at eighteen and to do what?
    He went to Vienna at 18 to become an artist.
  10. Is this statement true or false? "many Viennese were anti-Semitic"
  11. What does anti-Semitic mean?
    Hating Jewish people simply because they belong to the Jewish race.
  12. What year did Hitler join the German army?
  13. What award did Hitler win during the period of when he was in the army?
    He won the Iron Cross, First Class for bravery.
  14. What party was Hitler sent to spy on?
    German Worker's Party.
  15. What party did Hitler join and what did he become in that party?
    He joined the German Worker's Party and became the führer of that party.
  16. What name did Hitler change the German Worker's Party to?
    Nationalist Socialist German Worker's Party, (Nazi Party).
  17. What was the SA?
    It was Hitler's own private army.
  18. The SA was nicknamed what?
  19. what was the function of the SA?
    To protect Nazi meetings and to fight with communists.
  20. What was the SS?
    A smaller group of Hitler's private army to act as his bodyguards.
  21. Who was the leader of the SS?
    Heinrich Himmler.
  22. What was Hitler's book called?
    Mein Kampf.
  23. What were Hitler's main beliefs in Mein Kampf?
    • The German race was made up of superior, raciallu pure people caalled 'Aryans', Hitler said they were the master race.
    • Anschluss: Austria and other german-speaking areas in Europe should be united with Germany.
    • Lebensraum: Hitler planned to conquer Eastern Europe and Russia to provide more land for the german master race
    • Hitler wanted to ignore the Treaty of Versailles and rebuild the German army.
  24. Who gave the Germans loans to help recover?
    The United States of America
  25. What is the Wall Street Crash?
    The value of stocks and shares fell on the US Stock Exchange, the American economy collapsed and they needed their money back.
  26. Who were the two undemocratic parties in Germany?
    The Nazis and the Communists.
  27. What year did hitler become chancellor?
  28. Who appointed hitler as Chancellor?
    Paul von Hindenburg.
  29. What was set on fire before the election Hitler called after he became Chancellor and how long before the election did this event take place?
    The Reichstag was set on fire a week before the election.
  30. What did Hitler use the burning of the Reichstag an excuse of?
    He used it as an excuse to ban the Communist Party.
  31. What is the Enabling Act?
    The Enabling Act gave Hitler the power to rule for 4 years without having to get the approval of parliment.
  32. What was the Night of the Long Knives?
    After Hitler took power the SA grew quickly in size. Ernst Röhm was very powerful. Hitler feared that Röhm and the SA might try overthrow him. He used the SS to destroy Röhm. on 30th June 1934, the SS shot Röhm and other SA leaders and supporters. In total 400 people died.
  33. Name 4 reasons why people supported Hitler.
    • The Nazis were very good at propaganda. Joseph Goebbels was in charge of this.
    • Goebbels organised mass rallies with flags, bands and speeches.
    • Hitler created jobs by constructing motorways and public buildings.
    • Hitler ignored the Treaty of Versailles and made the German army powerful again.
  34. What association did teachers have to belong to under Nazi policy?
    Nazi Teachers' Association.
  35. What youth policy did boys have to join?
    Hitler Youth.
  36. What youth policy did the girls have to join?
    League of German Girls
  37. What was the name of Hitler's secret police?
    The Gestapo
  38. Where was the first concentraion camp set up?
  39. What were the Nuremberg Laws?
    These laws deprived German Jews of citizenship. They were forbidden to marry anyone of the German race.
  40. What does Kristallnacht mean?
    The night of the broken glass.
  41. What is the night of the broken glass (Kristallnacht)?
    In 1938, a Polish Jew shot a German official. This led to Nazi-organised attacks on Jews throughout Germany. Ninety jewish people were killed and 30,000 were arrested. There was so such broken glass on the streets it was called the night of the broken glass.
  42. What was the final solution?
    It was a decision to just kill all the Jews.
  43. What was a ghetto and give an example.
    A special area of a city where only Jews were allowed, e.g Warsaw ghetto.
  44. Explain what happened after the ghetto.
    They were taken to extermination camps (Dachau, Auschwitz) The weak or old were sent to gas chambers, the rest were slave labourers. Most died from overwork or starvation.
  45. How many Jews were killed in concentration camps?
    6 million.
  46. When did the Munich putsch take place?
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