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  1. The scent of a flower sniffed through the right nostril in a "split-brain" person would be expected to
    Allow that person to use his or her left hand to choose a hidden plastic flower.
  2. Darwin proposed the principle of
    Natural selection.
  3. A person has undergone the "split-brain" procedure to treat a clinical disorder. After her left nostril is plugged with cotton, the scent of a flower is directed to her right nostril. We would expect this odor to:
    Fail to generate a verbal report of the sensory experience.
  4. For Descartes, the statues in the royal garden provided a(n) ________ for explaining how the mind controls behavior.
  5. René Descartes would be most comfortable with which of the following statements?
    The body is made of matter; the mind is not.
  6. The doctrine of specific nerve energies was proposed by
    Johannes Müller.
  7. The principles of natural selection and evolution were proposed by
    Charles Darwin.
  8. Based on his observation of brain damage and behavioral difficulties in a stroke victim, Paul Broca concluded that
    The control of speech is a function of the left hemisphere.
  9. Genetic mutations involve
    Accidental changes in the chromosomes of sperms or eggs.
  10. Which of the following is consistent with the doctrine of specific nerve energies?
    a. Electrical stimulation of a sensory nerve can evoke a specific sensation.
    b. All nerves carry a similar electrical message.
    c. Exerting pressure on the eyeball can evoke a sensation of light flashes.
    d. The brain is divided into different channels and regions by function.
    e. all of the above are correct
    All of the above are correct.
  11. Which of the following statements is consistent with how a physiological psychologist would solve the mind-body problem?
    The mind is a product produced by the operations of the nervous system.
  12. The author argues that consciousness is associated with the ability of humans to use language for communication. True of False?
  13. Surgical transection of the corpus callosum is intended to
    Reduce the severity of epileptic seizures.
  14. The mind-body problem:
    a. asks about the nature of the mind and the body.
    b. was originally posed by philosophers.
    c. remains unanswered.
    d. raises issues about the nature of consciousness.
    e. all of the above are correct
    All of the above are correct.
  15. A physiological psychologist would be most comfortable with which statement?
    Everything is made of matter and energy.
  16. _______ was among the first scientists to advocate the use of experimental techniques in the study of physiology.
    Johannes Müller
  17. Ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures viewed the ________ as the seat of thought and emotion.
  18. The author's meaning of "consciousness" is consistent with our
    Ability to communicate our thoughts and feelings to others.
  19. Experimental ablation involves
    The study of changes in function after intentional damage to a portion of the brain.
  20. The mind-body solution proposed by René Descartes was inspired by which observation?
    His observation of mechanical statues in a royal garden.
  21. L-DOPA is a standard treatment for
    Parkinson's disease.
  22. _______ refers to the ancient belief that spirits control the movements of inanimate objects.
  23. Which function is associated with the right hemisphere?
    Control of muscles of the left side of the body
  24. René Descartes was an influential advocate for using experimental techniques to study the physiology of the mind. True or False?
  25. The principle of natural selection proposes that certain characteristics will become more prevalent in a species to the extent that these increase what?
    Increase the likelihood that an organism will successfully reproduce.
  26. The notion that human behavior can be explained by spirits is termed
  27. Most psychologists are physicians. True or False?
  28. Which scientist coined the term "reflexes" to describe certain bodily movements?
    René Descartes
  29. Darwin's view that the natural characteristics of an organism exert useful effects is termed
  30. Which is consistent with the proposition that consciousness is a physiological function?
    a. Consumption of ethanol changes our ability to communicate our thoughts to others.
    b. Damage to the brain can alter our self-awareness.
    c. Inhalation of certain gases renders us unaware of the environment.
    d. Our awareness levels change with the activity of our brains.
    e. all of the above are correct
    All of the above are correct.
  31. ________ is the original name for the field which involves the study of the physiology of behavior.
    Physiological psychology
  32. In most persons, the left hemisphere of the brain controls what?
  33. ________ are physicians trained to diagnose and to treat diseases of the central nervous system.
  34. Which of the following is true of the right hemisphere?
    It receives olfactory information from the right nostril.
  35. Pierre Flourens is known for what?
    His development and use of the experimental ablation technique.
  36. Which of the following is an indispensable use of animals for humans?
    Research for the treatment of human disease
  37. Which of the following is the easiest justification for the use of animals in research?
  38. The significance of Galvani's experiment involving stimulation of an isolated frog muscle is that it proved that
    The muscles are activated by electrical nerve signals.
  39. In his studies of nerve conduction, Hermann von Helmholtz noted that
    Nerves conduct signals more slowly than wires conduct electricity.
  40. Which of the following would be expected of a person who has undergone the "split-brain" procedure?
    Making obscene gestures with his or her left hand at unexpected times
  41. Genetic variety is good for a species in that
    Such diversity allows some members of the species to adapt to a new environment.
  42. Research involving animals was required in order to study and develop treatments for which of the following human diseases?
    a. drug addiction
    b. stroke
    c. schizophrenia
    d. obesity
    e. all of the above are correct
    All of the above are correct.
  43. Carlson argues that a key aspect of human consciousness is related to
    Our ability to communicate to others via language.
  44. Helmholtz was the first to accurately measure the speed of conduction in nerves. True or False?
  45. The principle of natural selection is the cornerstone of Darwin's theory of evolution.
  46. An important function of the corpus callosum is to
    Interconnect the cerebral hemispheres.
  47. An important function of the corpus callosum is to permit sharing of information between the two hemispheres of the brain.True or False?
  48. According to René Descartes, what does the mind do?
    The mind controls the movements of the body.
  49. Which of the following terms best describes the mind-body view held by René Descartes?
  50. Epileptic seizures can be controlled by
    Cutting the corpus callosum.
  51. Johannes Müller proposed that
    Different brain channels carry out different functions.
  52. Which of the following is true with regard to the use of animals by humans?
    More suffering occurs through pet ownership than with research.
  53. Galvani's experiment showed that ________ of a frog nerve caused ________ of the attached muscle.
    electrical stimulation; contraction
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