Psych QCh1

  1. The belief that spirits control the movements of humans as well as those of inanimate objects is termed
  2. Which of the following statements is consistent with how a physiological psychologist would approach the mind-body problem?
    The mind is a product produced by the operations of the nervous system.
  3. A physiological psychologist would be most comfortable with which of the following statements?
    Everything is made of matter and energy.
  4. Consciousness and the ability to __________ seem to go hand in hand.
  5. The author's meaning of 'consciousness' is consistent with our
    Ability to communicate our throughs and feelings to others.
  6. Natalie had to have a split brain operation. One day, after she healed, she was reading an interesting book. Her left hand, which was holding the book, suddenly dropped the book so that she could no longer read it. What happened?
    Her right brain, which controls her left hand, had no interest in the book.
  7. Surgical transection of the corpus callosum is intended to
    Reduce the severity of epileptic seizures.
  8. In most persons, the left hemisphere of the brain
    Controls speech
  9. The scent of a flower sniffed through the right nostril in a 'split-brain' person would be expected to
    Fail to generate a verbal report of the sensory experience.
  10. Different psychological functions are localized in the two hemispheres. This is a lesson learned from the "____-brain" observations.
  11. The 16th century philosopher who stated a modern version of Dualism was _______. Your choices are: Aristotle Socrates Descartes Helmholtz Darwin Freud
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