1. what is equality
    this equality wheel offers a view of a relationship that is based on equality and non-violence.
  2. give all 8 behaviors
    • non-threatening behavior
    • respect
    • trust and support
    • honesty
    • responsible parenting
    • share responsibility
    • economic partnership
    • fairness
  3. deffine non-threatening behavior
    talking and acting so that she feels safe and confortable expressing her self and doing things.
  4. deffine respect
    listening to her nonjudgmentally. being emotionally understanding. valueing opinions.
  5. deffine trust and support
    supporting her goals in life. respecting her right to her own feeling, friends, activities, and opinions.
  6. deffine honesty
    accepting responsibility for self. acknowledging past use of violence. admitting being worng. communicationg openly and truthfully.
  7. deffine responsible parenting
    sharing parental responsibilities. being a positive nonviolent role model for children.
  8. deffine shared responsibility
    mutually agreeing on a fair distribution of work. making family decisions together.
  9. deffine economic partnership
    making money decisions together making sure both partners benefit from financial arrangements.
  10. deffine fairness
    seeking mutually satisfying resolutions to conflict accepting change being willing to compromise.
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