Wordly Wise Lesson 19 book 7

  1. Amenable (adj)
    • Responsive; willing to be controlled or take adviceĀ 
    • Ex.
    • The director was amenable to our suggested changes in the schedule and implemented ehm promptly.
  2. Ascribe (v)
    • To attribute to a source or cause
    • Ex.
    • Many books are a compiled book with stories ascribed to many different authors.
  3. Attribute (v)
    • To regard something As being caused by
    • Ex.
    • He attributed the success of the film to the director.
  4. Charisma (n)
    • A special quality in a person that inspires devotion or fascination in others
    • Ex.
    • Charisma is a definite asset if you're running for office.
  5. Dearth (n)
    A scarcity; a shortage
  6. Demoralize (v)
    To destroy the morals or morale of someone; to weaken the spirit or courage of someone
  7. Ebullient (adj)
    Bubbling with enthusiasm or high spirits; ecstatic
  8. Entrepreneur (n)
    An individual who manages and takes the risk of business
  9. Fatuous (adj)
    Foolish, silly, or stupid
  10. Harbringer (n)
    A person or thing that is a symbol of what is to come
  11. Homogeneous (adj)
    Of a similiar kind or nature; uniform throughout
  12. Incumbent (n) (adj)
    • (adj)1. Currently in office
    • 2.Resting upon as a duty or obligation
    • (n)3. One who occupies an office or position.
  13. Matriarchy (n)
    A society that is headed by a female
  14. Neophyte (n)
    A beginner; a novice
  15. Prerogative (n)
    • A special right limited to a person, group, or office; a privilege
    • Ex.
    • It is the governor's prerogative to pardon convicted felons.
  16. Sibling (n)
    One of two people who have the same parents; brother or sister
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Wordly Wise Lesson 19 book 7
Wordly Wise Lesson 19 book 7