AGB Quiz 2

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  1. Do your Homework
    • Research facts
    • present case
    • prepare for objections
  2. Keep it short
    • Stick to the point
    • Stick to the agenda
    • Nothing to say=shut up
  3. Keep it Cool and Courteous
    • Questions
    • Listen and respect
    • Admit your week points and thier strong points
  4. Meeting Menances
    • The waffler
    • The turf warrior
    • the assassin
    • the Dominator
    • The Interrupter
  5. The Waffler
    • Give them recognition
    • Take control of steering wheel
  6. The Turf Warrior
    • Respect their Territory
    • Ask them for answer
  7. The Assassin
    • Ask them for ideas
    • Push them for answers
  8. The Dominator
    • Keep Cool stick to guns
    • Respond to arguments
    • Talk to the chair
    • remember the stuck record
  9. The Interrupter
    • Ignore
    • Appeal to the chair
    • Use the 3-point technique
  10. 3 types of I-Message
    • Appreciative
    • Preventive
    • Declarative
  11. Effective Teaching Model
    • Anticipory Set
    • Input
    • Guided Practice
    • Closure
    • Indepedence 
  12. 6 Steps of Method III
    • Pre-Step
    • 1. Define Needs
    • 2. Brainstrom Solutions
    • 3. Evaluate Solutions
    • 4. Choose Solutions
    • 5. Implement Solution
    • 6. Check results
  13. 3 methods for resolving Conflicts
    • 1. I win, you loose
    • 2. You win, I loose
    • 3. No Loose Method
  14. Down-up-down-up Method
    • 1. Take down through levels of Organization
    • 2. Submit all ideas to president
    • 3. President evaluates ideas
    • 4. Decisions sent back up to president
  15. Periodic Planning Conference
    A regulary scheduled conference with each of the leader's groups, generally every six months.
  16. Secretaries,
    personnel directors and legal advisors, carry out __________ functions.
  17. Salespersons, managers, vice-presidents
    carry out ____ functions.
  18. The
    "Slip Method" or the "chalkboard method" would be used in
    this kind of meeting.
    Problem Identification Meeting
  19. The question "How can we reduce paper work?"
    would be appropriate to be asked what kind of meeting?   
    Generating Meeting
  20. This
    kind of meeting runs more effectively with a limited number of participants-
    say 12 to 15 people.
    The Evaluation and Decision-Making Meeting
  21. The kind of meeting where it is decided who does what by when:
    The implementation meeting
  22. "I need complete privacy today to get prepared in
    time" is an example of
    • Preventative
    • I- Message
  23. "I strongly feel that it is inappropriate for a person to wear a nose ring if they
    have a runny nose." an example of 
    • Self-Disclosure
    • I-Message.
  24. Unilateral, Authoritarian
    leader-centered decision making are characteristic of this 
    Method 1
  25. Method II is characterized by:
  26. Getting on the good side.  
    Apple polishing
  27. One of the effects of Method I on the leader is the cost of: 
  28. The use of a series of boxes showing federal and state
    laws company rules etc. illustrates the
  29. Consensus: 
    this word means "general agreement" or majority of opinion.
  30. The method of problem solving that involves the
    "principle of participation". 
    • The
    • Evaluation Committee Method
  31. What is one of the Guidelines for Making Management of
    Meetings work? 
    Priority of Meetings
  32. The greater the status or
    prestige differential between the leader and the member, the more likely the
    leaders contributions will inhibit participation of the members 
  33. In Method I, is the solution arrow or the resentment arrow the darker/heavier of
    the two?
    Solution arrow
  34. In Method II, is the solution arrow or the resentment the lighter of the two? 
  35. The term psychologist use for "the means to
    deprive others"
  36. If I said, "She is an authority in her
    field," this kind of authority would be followed by which letter?
    • K
    • for KNOWLEDGE
  37. If I said, "The boss has authority over his subordinates," This kind of
    authority would be followed by which letter? 
    'P' FOR POWER.
  38. The captain of an airplane has authority based on the fact that he is the captain.
    This is an example of a kind of authority that would be followed by the letter: 
    J for job Description.
  39. In Method 3, the arrows for resentment and solution are
  40. In Method III, since neither party knows for sure what the ultimate solution will
    be, the result is said to be:
  41. The lower down an individual is in the organizational hierarchy, the
    _____________ their area of freedom. 
  42. An effective leader is both a "human relations" specialist and a
    __________ specialist.
  43. A performance evaluation that first makes an overall judgment of a subordinate's
    performance then indiscriminately rates all specific items consistent with the
    general rating creates what is called the _____________. 
    Halo Effect
  44. A measure of ones neatness of appearance would be a ___________ measure. 
  45. A measure of the number of
    complaints received in a month would be 
    an objective measure.
  46. Name of the method that used a pyramid and a series of arrows to illustrate how to
    solve a problem?
    • Down-up-down-up
    • Method
  47. Informational Meetings:
    These kinds of meetings are such purposes as personal growth and continuing education
  48. This word means "general agreement" or majority of opinion
  49. the number larger than half the total is called
    the majority
  50. The term used to describe when all the members of a group, including the leader, are willing to accept a decision.
    mutual acceptance
  51. What do you do when agreements are not honored
    try a reminder
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