BIO FINAL: pt. 6

  1. greenhouse effect
    a natural proccess that allows life on this
  2. without the greenhouse effect:
    temperatures would be ~30C cooler and there would be no liquid ice
  3. greenhouse gasses
    • CO2
    • nitrous oxide
    • CFCs
  4. GHGs allow:
    short wave solar radiation to pass through atmospere, but absorb emitted infrared
  5. how can you measure the greenhouse effect?
    put GHGs into a jar and heat them up
  6. leads to Earth's change in temp.
    the release of fossil fuels coupled with very slow changes in solar radiation
  7. by rapidly releasing fossil fuels, we have:
    rapidly (incredibly)accelerated what is otherwise a natural process
  8. global averages have increased ____ on average in the last ____ years
    • ~0.6C (1F)
    • 100 years
  9. why is the term "climate change" prefered over "global warming"
    Because while the majority of the Earth is warming, there are some locations getting cooler or staying the same. Since heat is being moved around from place to place changing climates, it isn't uniformly warming
  10. effects of climate change
    • sea level is rising because of glaciers rising
    • animals and plants are changing mating habits
    • morality rates due to heat are higher
  11. what has happend to our coral reefs?
    • half of the worlds coral reefs have been lost in the past in the past 30-50 years
    • much of this loss in the past 10-15 years is due to slight temp. icrease
  12. virtually all physioloical processes are affected by temp. name 4
    • 1. rates at which enzymes work
    • 2. properties of lipids in cell membranes
    • 3. proteins cook at higher temp.
    • 4. temp. of organisms body drives survival, reproduction, and fitness
  13. solar radiation
    a major input of heat to may organisms
  14. convection
    rate of exchange changes with increasing wind speed
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