Spine/ksw 10/22/12

  1. How many sections are ther in the spine and what are they?
    • 5
    • 1)Cervical(7 bones:remember breakfast at 7)
    • 2)Thoracic(12 bones:lunch at 12)
    • 3)Lumbar(5 bones:dinner at 5)
    • 4)Sacrum(5 fused bones)
    • 5)Coccyx(4 fused bones)

    • To remember the order of the sections of the spine:
    • "The cervent  attacked (with saw and) ax the lumbar. stack and cord"
    • the cervant(servant) is for cervical, the attacked for the atlas, and the ax for the axis
  2. What are the first two bones of the cervical spine and why are they different?
    • the atlas and axis
    • They are different so that the head can swivel on the neck
    • Image Upload 2
  3. The atlas  is the only cervical vertabrae without   _______ processes  or a ________.
    spinous, body

    *note the odontoid process(dens) is an extemsion of the body of the axis
  4. What is the joint between the ribs and the thoracic vertebrae called?
    costovertebral joint
  5. How large id the body of a lumbar vertebrae?
    2-3cm (usually)
  6. What is the joint between the pelvis and the sacrum called?
    sacroiliac joint (joint between the sacrum and the iliac)
  7. Where does the spinal cord end and what is it called?  Why do we need to know this?
    • after  L1, the cauda equina ( means horse's tail)
    • After L1, where the spinal cord ends, the spine is not as sensitive to radiation from there down.(it can take more dosea)
  8. What is the map of the body that looks like a zebra and what is it for?
    Image Upload 4
    The map shows dermatomes which is is an area of skin that is mainly supplied by a single spinal nerve. Symptoms that follow a dermatome (e.g. like pain or a rash) may indicate a pathology that involves the related nerve root.
  9. What joint is this?
    Image Upload 6
    sacroiliac joint
  10. What joint is this?

    Image Upload 8
    costovertebral joint
  11. What joint is this? Which view?
    Image Upload 10
    spinous process  (sagittal view)
  12. What is this a CT of and what view is it?

    Image Upload 12
    This is a coronal view of the dens or the odontoid process(which is part of the axis which you can see some of it here)  The dens is the oval-like structure(is the whitest in this picture) that fits into the axis.(which makes the atlantooccipital joint)
  13. What view is this? (*scotty dog sign)

    Image Upload 14
    sagittal oblique
  14. What are the arrows pointing to?

    Image Upload 16
    submandibular gland
  15. What gland is shown in these pictures?
    Image Upload 18
    the parotid gland
  16. Find nasopharynx, oropharynx, and laryngopharynx

    Image Upload 20
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