Pal/Neo Ages Chapter Test

  1. Fertile
    (adj) producing vegetation or crops plentifully
  2. Specialization
    The development of different kinds of jobs
  3. Evolution
    A process of change; especially from a lower or simpler to a higher or more complex
  4. Agriculture
    The science or occupation of cultivating the soild, producing crops, and raising live-stock
  5. Domestication
    To adapt to living with human beings
  6. Time period before the invention of writing
    Prehistoric period
  7. Which scientist started the theory of evolution?
    Charles Darwin
  8. Where did humans originate from?
  9. What is the importance of the discovery of “Ardi” and Australopithecus’s “Lucy”?
    It helps prove that evolution is real
  10. What happened between Neanderthal and Cro-Magnons (form of Homo Sapiens)?
    They got into a war about who would dominate the world and who would die out.
  11. What is the main characteristic of the Paleolithic age?
    Chipped stone implements.
  12. What is Berengia?
    Berengia was a land bridge that connected northeast Asia and the Americas
  13. Why was language developed by early humans?
    To communicate and cooperate during hunts
  14. What is the scienctific name for current humans?
    Homo Sapiens!
  15. What are four advantages in the creation of fire?
    Cooking food, warmth, safety, and light
  16. Why did early man create cave paintings?
    We are not sure, to but possibbly because of religious purposes (animism), to show power over animals, as decoration, for entertainment, for history/identification, and fertiliy.

    (Really, Police Department Eh? How Fun!)
  17. What was the first hominid species to bury their dead and why - what could they have believed in?
    Neanderthals near the end of the Stone Age buried their dead because they most likely believed in an afterlife. Many times, a man would be buried with weapons and tools to live in the afterlife.
  18. Why is the Neolithic Age often called the Neolithic Revolution or Agricultural Revolution?
    Because there was a MAJOR CHANGE.
  19. What is the main characteristic of the Neolithic Age?
    The start of agriculture
  20. What are four advantages of living near a river valley?
    fertile soil, plenty of livestock, water, and tranportation
  21. How was a surplus of food important to the people of the Neolithic Age?
    A surplus amount of food was important because with it they got better nutrition which lead eventually to the first villages, more time which lead to new skills and an increase in trade, and work was divided by gender in age leading to increase in roll of men, men leaders, and "warrior-kings".
  22. How did the role of men change from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic age?
    Paleolithic: Men hunted

    Neolithic: Men herded and protected the village
  23. How did the role of women change from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic age?
    Paleolithic: Gathered food and cared for children 

    Neolithic: Cared for children and performed household tasks.
  24. With farming, not everyone had to work in the fields - what did people do in their free time? What did this lead to?
    People developed new skills and technology which lead to new jobs and products, which lead to an increase in trade.
  25. What are three problems of early farmers?
    Nature and the elements, when and where to plant, and threats from neighbors (aka stealing the food)
  26. How did tools change from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic Age?
    They started being made with metals, starting with copper. They were better and more efficient. 
  27. What were the effects of metal tools and weapons in the Neolithic age? (3)
    More efficient farming tools, increase in trade, and new jobs created.
  28. Why were certain animals domesticated and not others? (5)
    Nutritious (they taste good), easily fed, breed and grow fast, pleasant = easily imprisoned, and recognize human dominance.
  29. What were three reasons we domesticated animals?
    Food/materials, companionship/enjoyment, and labor/transportation
  30. What were the first two villages of the Neolithic Age?
    Jericho and Catal Hüyük.
  31. Describe the process that would let early man make metal tools and weapons
    They would put ores near fire and the metal would seperate from the rock, and then they would form the metal into the tool or weapon shape.
  32. List the first domesticated animals
    Dogs, sheep, goats, pigs, and cows!

  33. What were the first crops?
    Wheat and barley=grains
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