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  1. loss fo muscular action of the muscles of facial expression
    facial paralysis
  2. ways facial paralysis can occur
    brain injury stoke direct injury to the nerve(C-VII)
  3. T/F: facial paralysis can be perminant or transient
  4. T/F: facial paralysis can be only unilateral
    false: facial paralysis can be both unilateral and/or bilateral
  5. most common reason for transient facial paralysis
    incorrectly administered inferior alveolar block
  6. name some "symptoms" of facial paralysis
    drooping eyebrow drooping eyelid, dribbling salavia
  7. unilatera facial paralysis
    Bell's palsy
  8. does Bell's palsy have a known cause
    no it does not
  9. onset of which facial paralysis is abrupt?
    Bell's palsy
  10. paralysis that involves the afferent nerves of the C-V nerve
    trigeminal neuralgia
  11. another name for Trigeminal Nerualgia
    tic douloureux
  12. T/F: the ophthalmic branch of the C-V nerve is not affected with trigeminal neuralgia
  13. trigeminal neuralgia has short term excruciating pain when facial trigger zones are touched
  14. treatment for trigeminal neuralgia can include:...
    sectioning the sensory root of the C-V nerve, antispasmotic medication, or injections that kill the nerve
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