Atrovent & Solu-Medrol

  1. Generic name for Atrovent?
    ipratropium bromide
  2. Brand name for Atrovent?
  3. Class for Atrovent?
    • Parasympatholytic
    • Anticholinergic
    • Bronchodilator
  4. Mechanism of action for Atrovent?
    • Competitive agonist to acetylcholine at muscarinic receptor sites
    •      Blocks parasympathetic response and allows sympathetic response to take over
    •           Lungs:
    •                 Decreased mucous production
    •                 Increased bronchial smooth muscle relaxation
  5. Indications & Field use for Atrovent?
    • Bronchospams secondary to:
    •      Asthma
    •      Chronic bronchitis
    •      Emphysema

    • Why?
    • Decreased mucous production & increased bronchial smooth muscle relaxation increases bronchial airway diameter
  6. Dosage for Atrovent?
    All dosages via oxygen powered small volume nebulizer (SVN) with mouthpeice, facemask or in-line BVM.  Atrovent usually mixed with Albuterol in pre-hospital setting. 

    • Adult:
    • Atrovent 0.5mg premixed solution added to 2.5mg albuterol via SVN, repeated per agency protocol
  7. Contraindications for Atrovent?
    • Known hypersensitivity / allergy to drug or Atropine
    • Acute narrow angle glaucoma (relative)
    •      (Painful glaucoma probably acute narrow angle type)
  8. Drug interactions for Atrovent?
    Usually added to Albuterol since Atrovent more effective in dilation of larger central airways and Albuterol more effective in dilation of smaller peripheral airways.  
  9. Side effects for Atrovent?
    • Tachycardia
    • Tremors
    • Agitation/ Nervousness / Anxiety
    • Nausea / Vomiting
  10. Onset of Action for Atrovent?
    5 - 15 minutes
  11. AZ Drug Box Supply for Atrovent?
    4 x 0.5mg Atrovent in 2.5cc NS premixed plastic bottles (bullets), sulfite free
  12. Generic name for Solu-Medrol?
    methylpredisolone sodium succinate
  13. Brand name for Solu-Medrol?
  14. Class for Solu-Medrol?
    • Corticosteroid
    • Anti-Inflammatory
  15. Mechanism of Action for Solu-Medrol?
    • Intracellular agonist
    •      Immunosuppressant
    •           Reduces inflammation
    •           Thought to stabilize cell membranes
  16. Indications and Field use for Solu-Medrol?
    • Bronchospasm
    •      Asthma
    •      Chronic bronchitis
    •      Emphysema


    • Why?
    • Reduces inflamation and supresses the immune system
  17. Dosage for Solu-Medrol?
    All doses via slow IV push

    • Adult:
    • Solu-Medrol 125mg slow IV push
  18. Contraindications for Solu-Medrol?
    • Known hypersensitivity / allergy
    • Cushing's syndrome
    • Use caution in patients with active infections
  19. Drug Interactions for Solu-Medrol?
  20. Side effects for Solu-Medrol?
    None for single dose
  21. Onset of action for Solu-Medrol?
  22. AZ Drug Box Supply for Solu-Medrol?
    1 x 125mg in 2cc mix-a-vial
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