touching spirit bear: vocab. list #1

  1. defiant
    boldly resisting
  2. skiff
    flatbottom open boat with a square stern
  3. at'oow
    tradition of passing on a gift that cannot be owned
  4. Circle Justice
    a form of justice designed to rehabilitateand heal youth
  5. Devil's Club
    a shiny shrub of western north america
  6. barradge
    bombard; a concentrated outpouring at something or someone
  7. venomous
    a spiteful or hatful remark
  8. sullenly
    gloomy or somber in tone; silent resentment
  9. banishment
    exile; deport
  10. symbolizes
    to represent or identify by a symbol
  11. obligations
  12. dignity
    the quality orstate of being worthy of eteem or respect
  13. isolate
    to seperate
  14. devoted
    faithfulness and loyalty
  15. taunted
    to rdicule
  16. presisent
    instently repetitive
  17. scrounged
    to steal
  18. manipulated
    to influenceor manage shrewdly or deviously
  19. remote
    from a distance
  20. vanished
    to disappear; pass out of existance
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touching spirit bear: vocab. list #1
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