CNA Chapter 12 Vocabulary

  1. Additive
    a substance added to another substance, changing its effect
  2. Axilla
    underarm or armpit area
  3. Bridge
    a type of dental appliance that replaces missing or pulled out teeth
  4. Dandruff
    excessive shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp
  5. Dentures
    artificial teeth
  6. Edema
    swelling in body tissues caused by excessive fluid
  7. Edentulous
    lacking teeth; toothless
  8. Gingivitis
    an inflammation of the gums
  9. Grooming
    practices to care for oneself, such as caring for fingernails and hair
  10. Halitosis
    bad-smelling breath
  11. Hygiene
    methods of keeping the body clean
  12. Partial Bath
    bath that includes washing the face, underarms, hands, and perineal area
  13. Pediculosis
    an infestation of lice
  14. Plaque
    a substance that accumulates on the teeth from food & bacteria
  15. Tartar
    hard deposits on the teeth that are filled with bacteria; may cause gum disease and loose teeth if they aren't removed
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