CNA Chapter 10 Vocabulary

  1. Biorhythms
    natural rhythms or cycles related to bodily functions
  2. Circadian Rhythm
    the 24-hour day-night cycle
  3. Closed Bed
    bed completely made with the bedspread and blankets in place
  4. Depressant
    a substance that causes calmness and drowsiness
  5. Draw Sheet
    an extra sheet placed on top of the bottom sheet; used for moving residents
  6. Incontinence
    the inability to control the bladder or bowels, which leads to involuntary loss of urine or feces
  7. Insomnia
    the inability to fall sleep or remain asleep
  8. Occupied Bed
    a bed made while a personn is in the bed
  9. Open Bed
    bed made with linen folded down to the foot of the bed
  10. Parasomnias
    sleep disorders
  11. Sleep
    natural period of rest for the mind and body during which energy is restored
  12. Stimulant
    a drug that increases or quickens actions of the body
  13. Surgical Bed
    bed made so that a person can easily move onto it from a stretcher
  14. Unoccupied Bed
    a bed made while no person is in the bed
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