Biology-Psych Chap 5

  1. Drug
    A substance that chages the body or its function
  2. Agonist
    Mimic or enhances the effect of neurotransmitters
  3. Antagonist
    Blocks or reduces neurotransmitter function by occupying the receptors
  4. Pscyhoactive drugs
    Drugs that can have a psychological effect such as in anxiety relief or hullucination
  5. Name 3 identifiers of Addiction
    • 1. Compulsive use of a drug inspite of adverse consequences
    • 2. A high tendency to relapse
    • 3. Preoccupation with obtaining the drug
  6. A negative action that occurs when the drug is stopped
  7. Tolerance
    The individual becomes less responsive to the drug requiring the user to take increasing amounts of the drug to produce the same effect
  8. Derived from the opium poppy and is used in drugs for analgesia, pain relief, hypnotic, sleep induce effects, euphoria or strong feeling of happiness
  9. An opiate used to treat the pain of wounds, surgery or cancer
  10. A drug synthasized from morphine
  11. Name 4 effects of Heroin
    • 1. Crosses blood-brain barriere easily and rapidly
    • 2. User may be unaware of the purity of the drug
    • 3. Produces intense pleasurable effects
    • 4. System tolerance develops rapidly
  12. Produces pain relief by stimulating the opiod receptors and produces additional positive effects by indirectly stimulating dopamine
  13. Drugs that reduce nervous system activity causing sedation, anxiety and hypnotic effects
  14. What is the most commonly used and abused drug
  15. This is associated with hallucinations, dellusions, confusion and in extreme case seizures and deaths
    Delerium tremens
  16. Drug used for treating anxiety and insomnia
  17. Activates the Central Nervous System to produce arousal, increase alertness and elevated mood
  18. Produces euphoria, decreases appetite, increases alertness and relieves fatigue
  19. A group of synthetic drugs that produe euphoria while increasing confidence and concentration
  20. This drug produces arousal, increase alertness and decrease sleep
  21. Drugs that cause hallucinations and perceptual distortions
    Psychedelic drugs
  22. Name 4 types of Psychedelic drugs
    • 1. PCP
    • 2. Ecstacy
    • 3. LSD
    • 4. Mescaline
  23. Inhibits glutamine and causes a "model psychosis" related to schzophrenia
  24. The midely addictive drug that causes temporary memory loss. Also known as "Cannabis sativa"
  25. Causes a negative reaction when the person takes the
    addicting drug
    Aversive treatments
  26. Combats alcohol addiction
  27. Used to treat Nicotine Addiction
    Silver Nitrate
  28. Replace an addicting drug with another drug with
    similar effects, such as methadone for opiate addiction
    Agonist treatment
  29. Involve drugs that block the effects of the addicting drug
    Antagonist treatment
  30. Have effects similar to those of barbiturates but are safer. They act through GABAA receptors to suppress activity in the limbic system
  31. Nicotine
    The primary psychoactive and addictive drug in tobacco
  32. Psychedilic Drugs
    Compounds that cause perceptual distortions in the user
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