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  1. continuity correction factor
    • 1. atleast X occurs = x-.5
    • 2. more than X occurs= x+.5
    • 3. x or fewer occurs= x+.5
    • 4.fewer than x occurs=x-.5
  2. simple random sample
    a sample selected so that each item or person in the population has the same chance of being included
  3. systematic random sample
    a random starting point is selected, and then every kth member of the population is selected
  4. stratified random sample
    a population is divided into subcatagories, called strat, and a sample is randomly selected from each stratum
  5. cluster sample
    a population is dvided into clusters using naturally occuring geographic or other boundaries. then clusters are randomly selected and a sample is collected by randomly selecting from each cluster
  6. sampling error
    the diff between a sample statistic and its corresponding population parameter
  7. sampling distribution of the sample mean
    a probability distribution of all possible sample meant of a given size
  8. central limit theorem
    if all samples of a particular size are selected from any population, teh sampling distribution of the sample mean is approximately a normal distribution. this approximation improves with larger samples
  9. point estimate
    the statistic, computed from sample information which is used to estimate the population paremeter
  10. confidence interval
    a range of values constructed from a sample data so that the population parameter is likely to occur within that range at a specified probability. the specified probability is called the level of convidence
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