Word cell#3 2

  1. Suburban
    pertaining to, inhabiting, or being in a suburb or the suburbs in a city or town
  2. Urban (a)
    Pertaining to, or designating a city or town
  3. Antonym (n)
    A word directly opposite to another 
  4. Antifreeze (n)
    A liquid capabel of resisting coldness
  5. Antiaircraft (a-n)
    Designed for or used in defense against enemy aircraft
  6. AntiAmerican (a)
    Opposed or hostile to the united states of America 
  7. Antemeridian (a)
    Literally, that which comes before the middle of the day
  8. Anteroom (n)
    A room used an entrance to another room or rooms
  9. Antepasto (ital)
    A corse of appetizers consisting of assorments of foods
  10. Archenemy (n)
    The chief enemy
  11. Monarch (n)
    The sole ruler of a kingdom or empire
  12. Anarchy (n)
    Without rule; complete absence
  13. ArchangelArchangel (n) 
    A chief or principle angel
  14. Archbishop (n)
    A bishop of the highest rank who presides over an arch bishopric or archdiocese
  15. Monarchy (n)
    A state or nation in which the supreme power is actually or nominally lodged in A monarch
  16. -aire, -an, -Anean, -arian 
    One who; that which; of or pertaining to
  17. Ant-, anti-
    Against; opposite
  18. Ante-
    Before; in front
  19. Arch, arch 
    The most outstanding; rulerruler
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Word cell#3 2
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