Essential Medical Terms 1

  1. Afebrile
    Without fever
  2. Aneurysm
    A widening of a blood vessel due to pressure on weadened tissues causing formation of a sac of blood that may become clotted
  3. Angina
    A severe, often constricting pain, usually referring to the cest that occurs when your heart does not get enough blood
  4. Arrhythmia
    Abnormal heart rhythm
  5. Atelectasis
    Partial or total collapse of lung tissue
  6. Bradycardia
    slow heart rate
  7. Bronchitis
    inflammation of the bronchi
  8. bruit
    Amurmur or sound heard in auscultation of an artery
  9. Cachectic
    State of ill appearance and malnutrition
  10. Cardiomegaly
    Enlarged heart
  11. Cellulitis
    Inflammation of the skin
  12. Cerumen
    Ear wax
  13. Cervical
    Pertaining to the neck or to the cervix of the uterus
  14. Cholecystectomy
    Surgical removal of the gallbladder
  15. Cholelithiasis
  16. Conjunctiva
    Delicate membrane lining the eyelids and cvering th eyeball
  17. Contusion
    A mechanical injury causing hemorrhages beneath unbroken skin; bruise
  18. Cornea
    Transparent coat of the eyeball covering the iris and pupil, allowing light into the eye
  19. Costocondritis
    Inflammation of the costal cartilages
  20. Crepitus
    A crackling or grating sound, usually of bones
  21. Cyanosis
    Dark blue or purple dicoloration of the skin
  22. Debridement
    Removal of foreign matter or dead tissue from a wound
  23. Diaphoresis
  24. Diarrhea
    Frequent discharge of fluid fecal matter
  25. Diverticulitis
    Innflammation of the diverticulum, especially the small packets in the wall of the colon
  26. Dysmenorrhea
    Painful menstruation
  27. Dyspepsia
    Upset stomach or "indigestion" characterized by epigastric pain, burning and nausea
  28. Dysphagia
    Difficulty swallowing
  29. Dysphasia
    Inability to understand language as a result of injury or disease to the brain.
  30. Dyspnea
    Difficult breathing, shortness of breath
  31. Dysuria
    Painful Urination
  32. Ecchymosis
    non-elevated bruise
  33. Eczema
    Inflammatory condition of the skin, characterized by itching or burning, tiny papules and vesicles, oozing, crusting, and scaling
  34. Edema
    Swelling of body tissues
  35. Edentulous
    Without teeth
  36. Effusion
    escape of fluid into a cavity
  37. Embolism
    obstruction of a blood vessel by a clot of blood or foreign substance
  38. Emesis
  39. epistaxis
    nose bleed
  40. Erythema
    redness fo the skin
  41. etiology
    cause of disease and mode of operation
  42. exacerbation
  43. exudate
    a fluid with a high content of protein and cellular debris that has escaped from blood vessels and has been deposited in tissues or on tissue surface, usually as a result of inflammation.
  44. Febrile
    Having fever
  45. Gastroenteritis
    Inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, involving both the stomach and the small intestine
  46. Hematemesis
    Vomiting blood
  47. Hematochezia
    Passage of bloody stool
  48. Hematoma
    A swelling of blood from ruptured blood vessels
  49. Hematuria
    Blood in the urine
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