1. What did Egypt's civilization developed into?
    a river valley.
  2. The river drops its what?
  3. Over thousands of years, this silt has built up to form what?
    a large river delta.
  4. The Nile Delta forms the region known as ?
    Lower Egypt.
  5. On either side of the Black Land lay ?
    vast deserts.
  6. Egyptians called the vast deserts what?
    the 'Red Land'.
  7. Red Land was what?
    a deadly place of hot, burning sands.
  8. Legends say that Menes did what?
    united the two kingdoms in about 3000 B.C.
  9. Who was Menes?
    the first pharaoh, or king of united Egypt.
  10. In 1275 B.B., Rameses II led his army against whom?
    the powerful Hittites.
  11. Where did Rameses and Hittites fight?
    a place called Kadesh in present-day Syria.
  12. Egyptians believed that they, like Osiris, could what?
    overcome death.
  13. What were the ways the Egyptians prepared for afterlife ?
    The first was to have a good life. The second way was by having their bodies preserved after death.
  14. Scribes, or officials, who knew how to write, were what?
    valued for their knowledge.
  15. One famous text, The Book of the Dead, is what?
    a guide to the afterlife for dead souls.
  16. Egyptians noticed that each year what?
    a bright star called Sirius, first appeared about the same time of year as the Nile floods. Mindful of this, they watched carefully for the appearance of Sirius.
  17. From their work with mummies, for example, they learned what?
    much about human anatomy.
  18. What is Anatomy?
    the study of the structure of the body and its organs.
  19. The spread of the Egyptian ideas was brought about how?
    through the buying and selling of goods and services, also known as commerce.
  20. The Nubians adopted elements of Egyptian culture like ...
    The Egyptian religion.
  21. Egypt relied on Nubia's what?, and Nubia relied on Egypt's What?
    Egypt relied on Nubia's gold, and Nubia relied on Egypt's grain. Trade created interdependence or dependence by each country or group on the other.
  22. Name Egypt's Social Class Pyramid:
    • 1. Pharaoh
    • 2. Nobles, Priests, Officials
    • 3. Scribes
    • 4. Merchants
    • 5. Farmers, Servants, Slaves
  23. Nubians couldn't travel up stream because why?
    The cataracts, so people had to journey over land across the desert.
  24. Nubians borrowed from Egyptian culture but what?
    It wasn't exactly the same.
  25. Ideas that spread from Egypt to Nubia with trade included what?
    the use of pyramids and belief in Egyptian gods.
  26. Another difference from Egypt was what?
    that Nubians had much less land to farm on. As a result, the Nubians were sometimes short of food. This made them eager to trade gold, iron, and other products for Egypt's grain.
  27. The Nile cataracts were responsible for what?
    the different types of transportation used in Egypt and Nubia.
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