Vocabulary: Mrs. Nyschot's Words

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  1. intrepid (adj)
  2. trepidation (n)
  3. ambivalent (adj)
    conflicting feelings
  4. despondent (adj)
    sad or depressed
  5. contentious (adj)
  6. pensive (adj)
    deep in thought
  7. ornery (adj)
  8. vexation (n)
    an annoyance 
  9. stoic (adj)
    showing no emotion 
  10. loquacious (adj)
    very talkative 
  11. copious (adj)
    a lot
  12. inundated (adj)
  13. candid (adj)
    open, honest, up-front 
  14. epiphany (n)
    a light bulb moment, a sudden realization 
  15. vehemently (adv)
    with 110%, copious levels of effort, enthusiastically 
  16. placid (adj)
    peaceful, calm
  17. benevolent (adj)
    friendly, kind
  18. insatiable (adj)
    never satisfied 
  19. outlandish (adj)
    weird, bizarre 
  20. incessant (adj) 
    constant, never-ending 
  21. facade (n) 
    false appearance, being fake 
  22. peril (n) 
    dangerous, danger 
  23. frugal (adj) 
    careful with one's money 
  24. covet (v) 
    to desire greatly 
  25. meticulous (adj)
    concerned with detail
  26. ubiquitous (adj)
    present everywhere
  27. pretentious (adj)
    overly concerned with outward appearance
  28. zeal (n)
  29. precocious (adj)
    talented, gifted, or mature at a very early age
  30. apathy (n)
    indifference, doesn't care
  31. prudent (adj)
    using good judgement 
  32. steadfast (adj)
    unwavering; firm
  33. paragon (n)
    model of excellence or perfection 
  34. acquiesce (v)
    to agree
  35. ambiguous (adj)
    unclear; two possible meanings 
  36. futile (adj)
  37. evasive (adj)
  38. poignant (adj)
    emotionally powerful 
  39. sadistic (adj)
    enjoying another person's pain 
  40. indelible (adj)
    unforgettable, permanent 
  41. ornate (adj)
    elaborated, decorated 
  42. fickle (adj)
    constantly changing 
  43. inept (adj)
    unable; incompetent 
  44. surreptitiously (adv)
  45. circumspect (adj)
  46. sage (n)
    a wise person 
  47. inane (adj)
    silly or foolish 
  48. facetious (adj)
    joking around at an inappropriate time 
  49. viable (adj)
    workable, possible 
  50. ambiance (n)
    the atmosphere (of a place)
  51. indignant (adj)
  52. feign (v)
    fake or pretend 
  53. emulate (v)
    to copy or imitate 
  54. benign (adj)
    harmless or kind 
  55. malevolent (adj)
    showing vicious ill will or hatred 
  56. enmity (n)
    intense hatred or disgust
  57. ostentatious (adj) 
    flashy, concerned with appearances 
  58. insolent (adj)
    boldly disrespectful 
  59. gregarious (adj)
    sociable; life of the party 
  60. insipid (adj)
    dull, boring, or tasteless 
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