AIS Chap 8

  1. Requires controls over both data input quality and the processing of the data
  2. A ________ system produces information that is accurate, timely, reflects results of only authorized transactions, and includes outcomes of all activites engaged in by the organization during a given period of time
  3. compares the ID code or account number in transaction data with similar data in the master file to verify that the account exists.

    Can # exist; true or not
    Validity check
  4. detrmines the correctness of the logical relationship between two data items.

    Logical Relationship

    ex: executive makes 15,000 a month can recieve a 1,000 bonus, this a _____. an empolyee making 1,500 receiving a 1,000 bonus is not ______
    reasonable test
  5. Authorized ID numbers can contain a ________ that is computed from the other digits.

    ex: system can assign two employees 9 digit numbers, but then calculate a tenth digit from the original nine and add it to append a ten digit ID
    check digit, check digit verivication
  6. determines if the characters in a field are of the proper type.
    field check
  7. detrmines if the data in a field have the appropriate arithmetic sign
    sign check
  8. tests a numerical amount to ensure that it does not exceed a predetermind value
    limit check
  9. is similar to a limit check except that it has both upper and lower limits
    range check
  10. ensures that input data will fit into the assigned field
    size check
  11. each input record determines if all required data items have been entered

    ex: sales tranaction record should not be entered if the address is not there.
    completness check
  12. a ______ tests if a batch of input data is in the proper numerical or alpahbetical sequence.
    sequence check
  13. checks the accuracy of input data by using it to retrieve and display other related information.
    close-loop verification
  14. controls needed to ensure that data is processed correctly
    processing controls
  15. Encrypting information before sending it over the internet creates what is called a _________
    Virtual Private Network
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