Anthro Test

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  1. Standard Dental Formation?
  2. Paelospecies are more diffrent than living species
    • True.
    • due to size.
  3. Primate chacacteristic?
    • Prosimians, Anthropoids, Hominins. ::
    • tropical arborial, diurnal, body&brain enlargement, teeth pattern, grasping
  4. gabrivore
    smallest body type
  5. Gibbon locomotion i best described as?
  6. Genetic drift
    strickly speaking without macroevolutionary process
  7. not an old world monkey trait?
  8. when does energy expediture primate rie above basal medabolic rate?
    active, lactating, developing ect
  9. Only solitary anthropoid specie?
    primates, prosimians
  10. primate behavior "emotions& change group copoertation
  11. Distribution of females
    distribution of males
  12. ancestrial character "primmate traits"
    all of above?
  13. Forelimb structure, humans, moles, & bats are ?
  14. Gene flow tends to create genetic diffence among members of the same species?
    false...Genetic drift makes diffrent species
  15. Lories, lemurs, galagos, ay-aye are all?
  16. silverback
    Alpha male, gorillas
  17. Playherime infraorder
    New wolrd monkeys
  18. Orangutun ?
    exploded unimate polygomy
  19. Darwin Unit?
    1% change in characters /1,000,000years
  20. Bilogical speciation concept ?
    allopatric speciation
  21. which pair of prmates share the most recent common ancestor?
    humans & chimps

    (distant: gibbons & chimps)
  22. Primate food resources are not parchily described in space /time ?
  23. Which primate group has the smallest # of extant (currently living) species?
  24. primate teeth coinsits of ?
    molars, cainies, instor, premolars
  25. first activity ring lemurs do?
    sun baith
  26. primates re delining in the wild because?
    drived characteristics.
  27. Momogomy from social groups, relatively are among species ?
  28. following represent GENE destinction?
  29. Group of relative species who together share common ancestor
  30. 1 technique that can be used to measure genetic diffrence and reconstruct relations?
    DNA-DNA Hybridiztion
  31. Colobus monkeys
    specialized digestive system - leaves
  32. omnivore?
    worldly eater - eats everything
  33. adaptive radiation?
    lemurs undergo explosive speciation
  34. philopathery?
    primate to maintaini reside
  35. trasier?
  36. model of macroevolutionary change, favored by evoutionary bilologist is orthogenisis(straight line evolution)?
  37. tursis, monkeys,apes,& humans all have singular desending nostrils that form nose opening, dry exterior ?
  38. following factor is currently favored sociality
  39. bennifit of living in social groups?
    food, mating, protection, prediting
  40. Early taxtonomous "russian dolls"?
    Lineas, carouls lineas
  41. Modern evolutionary reaserchers have solved darwins mysteries of mysteries?
  42. Which ranging areas cover root of 1year?
    home range
  43. Ape with largest testes size relative to body size
  44. convergent evolution?
    acquisition of the same biological trait in unrelated lineages
  45. Dominant Heirarchies ranks to primate females are most common under conditions
    with group contest competion
  46. Sexual Dimporphism?
    homonogous primates
  47. Large primates often subsit on low quality food = leaves when small primates , high quality food = incects
    klieber curve
  48. tammering & marmacass are?
    new wolrd monkeys
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