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  1. active cell
    Area in which you can enter data, surrounded by a heavy border
  2. apostrophe
    Used to enter a number as text
  3. auto fill options
    Button that allows you to copy values with or without formatting, or the format only
  4. autocalculate area
    Status bar command used to obtain a total, average, or other information about numbers in a range
  5. AutoCorrect feature
    Automatically corrects capital letters, replaces commonly misspelled words
  6. automatically updated properties
    Properties that include system file properties
  7. bold
    Used to make it stand out from the rest
  8. cancel box
    Cancels an entry by clicking
  9. category axis
    The x-axis
  10. colon
    Placed between the starting value and ending value when defining a range
  11. destination area
    Paste area
  12. document information panel
    Contains areas where you can view and enter document properties
  13. document properties
    The details about a file
  14. embedded chart
    Chart that is drawn on the same worksheet as the data
  15. Excel Help
    Get answers to questions
  16. file
    Saved workbook
  17. fill handle
    Small black square located in the lower right corner of active cell
  18. folder
    A specific location on a storage medium
  19. font
    Defines appearance and shape of letters and numbers
  20. font color
    Defines the color of characters
  21. font size
    Specifies the size of characters
  22. font style
    Indicates how the characters are emphasized
  23. format
    How you make a worksheet easier to read and understand
  24. home
    Key that selects the cell at the beginning of a row with the active cell
  25. in-cell editing
    Changing contents in the cell
  26. insert mode
    Excel inserts the character and moves all characters to the right
  27. insert tab
    Includes commands that allow you to insert various objects
  28. insertion point
    Blinking vertical line that indicates where next character typed will display
  29. keyword
    A word or phrase that further describes a document
  30. left-aligned
    The text value cell entry is positioned in the far left of a cell
  31. legend
    Identifies each bar in a chart
  32. line chart
    Chart used to illustrate changes in data over time
  33. merging cells
    Creating a single cell by combining two or more cells
  34. metadata
    Document properties
  35. number
    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 + - () , / . $ % E e
  36. overtype mode
    Excel overtypes the character to the right of the insertion point
  37. page down
    Key that selects the cell down one worksheet window from the active cell
  38. page up
    Key that selects the cell up one worksheet window from the active cell
  39. pie chart
    Chart used to show the contribution of each piece of data to the whole
  40. point size
    10/72 of an inch
  41. range
    A series of two or more adjacent cells in a column or row
  42. relative reference
    What each adjusted cell reference is called
  43. requirements document
    Document which includes a needs statement, a source of data, and a summary of calculations
  44. right-aligned
    The numeric value cell entry is positioned in the far right of a cell
  45. source area
    Copy area
  46. splitting a merged cell
    Unmerging a cell
  47. standard properties
    Properties that include author, title, and subject
  48. SUM function
    Adds all the numbers in a range of cells
  49. surface chart
    Chart used to compare data from three columns in a three-dimensional manner
  50. text
    Any set of characters containing letters, hyphens, or spaces
  51. theme
    A collection of cell styles and other styles that have common characteristics
  52. to select a cell
    To make a cell active
  53. value axis
    The y-axis
  54. worksheet
    Allows data easily to be summarized and charted
  55. accounting number format
    With the dollar sign to the left, inserts a comma every three positions
  56. Addition
    Arithmetic operator that adds contents of cells
  57. arguments
    The values that are used with a function
  58. auto fill options
    Button that gives options for how to fill cells following a fill operation
  59. AVERAGE function
    Sums numbers then divides by the number of values
  60. best fit
    The width of the column will increase or decrease so the widest entry will fit
  61. blank cell
    Contains the numerical value of zero
  62. borders button arrow
    Used to display the Borders list
  63. circular reference
    A formula in a cell that contains a reference back to itself
  64. comma style
    Displays two digits to left of decimal point and places a comma every three positions
  65. condition
    Made up of two values and a relational operator
  66. conditional formatting
    Applied formatting only when value meets specified condition
  67. cooler colors
    Colors like blue, green, and violet that tend to pull away from a reader
  68. debugging
    The process of finding and correcting errors
  69. decrease decimal button
    Instructs Excel to display fewer decimal places in a cell
  70. Division
    Arithmetic operator that divides contents of cell
  71. Edit the Rule Description
    An area that allows you to view and edit the rules for the conditional format
  72. equal sign
    Used to indicate the start a formula
  73. Exponentiation
    Arithmetic operator that raises to the power
  74. fill color button arrow
    Used to display the Fill Color gallery
  75. fill handle
    Small rectangle in lower-right corner of a cell that is used to copy formulas
  76. fixed dollar sign
    Displays a dollar sign in the far left of the cell
  77. floating dollar sign
    Dollar sign that appears immediately to the left of the first digit
  78. footer
    Common content that prints on the bottom of each page
  79. formula
    Can be assigned to a cell and will display calculated result
  80. formulas version
    Version of a worksheet that allows you to display the actual formulas instead of the values
  81. function
    A prewritten formula built into Excel
  82. header
    Common content that prints on the top of each page
  83. hiding cells
    Technique used to hide data that is sensitive or not relative
  84. insert options
    Lists formatting options following an insertion of cells, rows, or columns
  85. landscape orientation
    A printout is printed such that its width is greater than its length
  86. margins
    Are the portions of a printed page outside the main body
  87. MAX function
    Displays the highest value for a range of values
  88. MIN Function
    Displays the lowest value for a range of values
  89. Multiplication
    Arithmetic operator that multiplies
  90. Negation
    Arithmetic operator that makes a number negative
  91. normal view
    Default view in Excel
  92. order of operation
    Negation, percentages, exponentiations, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction
  93. page layout view
    Allows you to create or modify a worksheet while viewing how it will look in printed format
  94. paste options
    Specifies how moved or pasted items should appear
  95. percent style button
    Instructs Excel to display a value as a percentage by multiplying by 100 and rounding
  96. Percentage
    Arithmetic operator that multiplies by 0.01
  97. pixel
    Dot on screen that contains color
  98. point mode
    Select cells and create formulas with the mouse, rather then typing a cell reference
  99. range finder
    Used to find which cells are referenced in a formula
  100. rows
    Typically contain item analogous to items in a list
  101. spell checker
    Used to check worksheet for spelling errors
  102. Subtraction
    Arithmetic operator that subtracts contents of cells
  103. theme
    A predetermined set of colors, fonts, chart styles, cell styles, and fill effects
  104. trace error button
    Lists error checking options following the assignment of an invalid formula to a cell
  105. values version
    Version of a worksheet that shows the results of the formulas you have entered
  106. warmer colors
    Colors like red and orange that tend to reach toward a reader
  107. absolute cell reference
    Both column and row references remain the same when you copy the cell
  108. category names
    Identifies the slices in a pie chart
  109. chart sheet
    A chart that resides completely on a separate sheet of paper
  110. Copy button
    Copies the contents and format of a selected range, and places the copy on the Office Clipboard
  111. copy cells
    Fill destination area, do not create a series
  112. ctrl
    Key pressed to copy a selection and not recognize as a series
  113. cut command
    Command used to cut a cell or a range of cells
  114. data series
    Data that determines the size of the slices in a pie
  115. date stamp
    Shows the date a workbook was created or the period it represents
  116. decrease indent
    Button used to move the contents if a cell to the left three spaces
  117. delete
    Command used to remove cells and data from the worksheet
  118. drag and drop
    Using the mouse to copy cells
  119. enter
    Key that can be used in place of the Paste button
  120. equal to
  121. exploded pie chart
    A Pie chart with one or more pieces that are offset
  122. fill formatting only
    Fill destination area using format of source area
  123. fill handle
    Used to copy a cell, range of cells, and create a series
  124. fill months
    Fill destination area with series of months
  125. fill series
    Fill destination area with series using format of source area
  126. fill without formatting
    Fill destination area with contents without formatting
  127. format painter
    Can be used to quickly format a cell by copying a cell's format to another cell or range of cells
  128. format symbol
    Excel immediately displays it with assigned format
  129. freeze the titles
    Shows titles no matter where you scroll
  130. goal seeking
    To determine the value of a cell on which the formula depends
  131. greater than
  132. greater than or equal to
  133. horizontal split bar
    Bar going across the middle of the screen
  134. if function
    Assigning a value based on a logical test
  135. increase indent
    Button used to move the contents if a cell to the right three spaces
  136. INSERT cells command
    Used to insert a cell or range of cells
  137. less than
  138. less than or equal to
  139. mixed cell reference
    Cell with only one dollar sign before the column or row
  140. move chart button
    Used to display a dialog box that will move a chart to a different sheet
  141. nested if
    if function within an if function
  142. not equal to
  143. NOW function
    Function that will display the current system date and time
  144. number sign
    Formula error messages always begin with this
  145. Office Clipboard
    Place in computers memory to collect itemsoffsettingSetting off from the rest so it stands out
  146. Paste button
    Copies the newest item on the Office Clipboard to the destination area
  147. paste options button
    Immediately displays when you click the Paste button
  148. pie chart
    Used to show the relationship of proportion of parts to a whole
  149. range finder
    Used to ensure correctness in your formulas by checking them
  150. relative cell reference
    When copied to another cell, the cell references are adjusted to reflect the new location
  151. rotating text
    1 degree to 90 degrees on alignment sheet
  152. sensitivity analysis
    A what-if analysis
  153. shrink to fit
    Sizing entries down to fit in a cell
  154. sparkline chart
    Provides a simple way to show trends and variations in a range of data within a single cell
  155. splitting
    Breaking the Excel window into 4 panes
  156. underline
    Format the underlines only the characters in a cell, not the entire cell
  157. vertical split bar
    Bar going up and down the middle of the window
  158. zoom in
    To magnify the appearance of a worksheet or chart
  159. zoom out
    To shrink the appearance of a worksheet or chart
  160. zoom slider
    On status bar, used to make entries more readable
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