respiratory system

  1. alveolar duct
    place in the bronchi where the bronchioles first branch
  2. alveolar sac
    grape-like clusters in the bronchi where the bronchioles end
  3. bronchi
    tubular-shaped air passages that connect the trachea and lungs (singular: bronchus)
  4. bronchiole
    smaller bronchi
  5. cellular respiration
    exchange of oxygen for carbon dioxide within the cells
  6. cilia
    hairlike threads that sweep materials across a cell
  7. diaphragm
    the muscular partition between the thoracic and abdominal cavities, important in breathing; a type of a female contraceptive; a part of a stethoscope
  8. dyspnea
    difficulty in breathing
  9. epiglottis
    cartilage that covers the entrance to the larynx
  10. eupnea
    normal respiration
  11. expiration
    exhalation of air from the lungs
  12. external respiration
    lung breathing
  13. inspiration
    inhalation; drawing air into the lungs
  14. intercostal muscle
    muscles located between the ribs
  15. internal respiration
    cellular breathing
  16. laryngopharynx
    lowest portion of the pharnx, extending from the epiglottis to the opening of the larnx and esophagus. it is divided to provide seperate passages for food and air
  17. larnx
    boxlike structure of cartilage in the midline of the neck; also called voice box
  18. lung
    one of the 2 cone-shaped organs that fills the chest cavity; the organ of respiration
  19. mediastinum
    area lying between the lungs and thorax
  20. nares
  21. nasopharnx
    section of the pharnx that extends from the nares to the uvula that is used for air passage only
  22. oropharnx
    part of the pharnx extending from the uvula to the epiglottis that carries food to the esophagus and air to the trachea; commonly called the throat
  23. parietal pleura
    outter layer of pleura that lines the chest cavity
  24. pharnx
    tube-shaped passage for food and air
  25. pleura
    membrane covering the lungs and lining the walls of the chest cavity, as the parietal pleura
  26. pleura cavity
    space between the 2 layers of the pleura; also calle pleura space
  27. respiration
    the total process of the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the air and the body cells
  28. sinus
  29. a cavity or channel, often refers to the paranasal sinus; may also refer to fistula (a sinus tract)
  30. surfactant
    surface-active agent, such as soap
  31. trachea
    the wind pipe, through which food and air passes
  32. ventilation
    supplying oxygen to the body through the lungs; breathing
  33. visceral pleura
    layer of pleura that covers the lungs
  34. vocal cords
    two triangular-shaped membranous folds that extend from the front to back of the larynxn that vibrate and produce sound as air passes over them
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