Wordly WIse Lesson 9 book 7

  1. Cautionary (adj)
    • Offering or serving as a warning
    • Ex.
    • Most fairy tales are cautionary ones; they are meant to teach a lesson.
  2. Constrain (v)
    To confine
  3. Flotilla (n)
    • A small fleet of boats or ships
    • Ex.
    • The flotilla of English ships was able to defeat the massive Spanish Armada.
  4. Gossamer (n) (adj)
    • (n)
    • 1. A thin, sheer fabric resembling gauze
    • Ex.
    • The veil was gossamer and did little to conceal the box it was covering.
    • 2. A fine filmy substance made of strands of cobwebs
    • Ex.
    • The dewy grass held moist bits of gossamer.
    • (adj)
    • 3. As light and delicate as a cobweb
    • Ex.
    • The gossamer thread coudn'y possibly support the weight of the tight-rope walker.
  5. Ignomious (adj)
    • Marked by, deserving, or causing shame and disgrace
    • Ex.
    • The ignomious acts of the criminal could not be condoned.
  6. Incur (v)
    • To bring upon oneself undesireable. such as a debt
    • Ex.
    • The gambler incurred an angry mob of people whom he owed money to.
  7. Liquidate (v)
    • 1. To settle the affairs of business; to convert to cash
    • Ex.
    • They liquidated their assets by selling almost all their belongings, and then used the money to pay ¬†their debts.
    • 2. To get rid of; to destroy or kill
    • Ex.
    • Many Jewish people were liquidated during WW2 by Hitler's concentration camps.
  8. Magnate (n)
    • An important, often welathy person prominent in a large industry or business
    • Ex.
    • Steve Jobs was an important magnate as the CEO of Apple before he passed away.
  9. Misnomer (n)
    A name that does not fit
  10. Onerous (adj)
    • Burdensome, oppressive
    • Ex.
    • After a long day of hard work, the mother considered cleaning up after her children an onerous task.
  11. Pandemonium (n)
    A state or place of confusion or uproar
  12. Quixotic (adj)
    • Romantic and idealistic but impractical
    • Ex.
    • The notion of creating a huge park in the middle of Manhattan must have been a quixotic one when it was proposed.
  13. Tenacious (adj)
    • Holding fast; persistent in adhering to something valued or habitual
    • Ex.
    • Snapping turtles are notorious for their tenacious grip once they lodge onto something with their jaws.
  14. Vestige (n)
    • A trace of something that was once present¬†
    • Ex.
    • The fossils preserved in the museum are the vestiges of a once mighty dinosaur.
  15. Zephyr (n)
    A light gentle breeze
  16. Comatose (adj)
    • Lacking energy or alertness; torpid
    • Ex.
    • The comatose visage of the boy showed that he'd not slept well lately.
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