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  1. people first language
    always put the person first, not the disability.

    EX. A boy with autism
  2. Disability
    The inability or significantly reduced ability to perform one or more major life activities
  3. handicap
    describes the encounter between the person and the environment

    obstacles to a person's success

    • EX
    • social-attitudes
    • personal- lack of info
    • physical- lack of access
    • resources- money supports, insurance
  4. impairment
    a missing, damaged, deficient, or weakened body part or function

    • ex.
    • visual
    • cognitive
  5. five historical periods


    dehumanization of institutions

    humanization of institutuin

  6. Greek/Roman/Renaissance periods
    often viewed disability as a result of divine intervention (punishment for parents' sins or as evidence of being closer to the gods)

    Greeks and Romans kept people with mental and/or physical disabilities as slaves or amusement (warm up for gladiators)

    if they survived, people with disabilities were often cared for by the clergy

    • improvements came from:
    • rise of humanitarian
    • charity model
    • medical advances (illnesses from natural, not supernatural causes)
    • few if any rights as citizens
    • "simple idiots" became property of the crown in England and lost all rights
  7. dehumanization late 1800s to first half of 20th century
  8. individual identity was stripped away
    • over crowded and understaffed
    • poor/unsanitary conditions
    • same clothing or no clothing
    • hose down for showers
    • electric shock therapy and lobotomies used to "control" people
  9. dehumanization early 20th century
    scientists blames people with disabilities for society's ills

    • eugenics(social Darwinism) became popular
    • designation of "moral defectives" and waste humanity
    • passage of "ugly laws" meant government sanctioned segregation
    • forced sterilization- 60,000 reported cases
    • 1926- 23 states had mandatory sterilization laws
    • mostly women, they became sick or died
  10. Nazi Germany
    Euthanasia Program
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