6 warrant searches

  1. special needs
    ex:  aiport going threw a medal detector, they dont need a warrant , trainstation, federal building, school.
  2. stop and frisk
    stop and tap you down they feel a weapom they can take you in without a warrant.
  3. search incident to a lawful arrest
    you get stoped for traffic light and you got a weapon in your car they take you in without a warrant ( search for weapons)
  4. exigent circumstances
     theres a party, shootout, block party, they can go check your house without a warrant ( public is being threaten  or in danger, also if they feel like evidence is going to be destroyed)
  5. consent
    when you need consent to check a house can not be neighborr bf, gf, only a person who lives there or a person who resides there.
  6. automobil searches
     search for no reason  .without suspicion traffic violation speed, stop light
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6 warrant searches
6 warrant searches