reasonable expectation of privacy

  1. Reasonable expectation of privacy
    They cant check your diary, your safe, or check your medical records
  2. Search
    government officals examinaionof and hunt for evidence on a person or in a place in the manner that intrudes on reasonable expectations of privacy ( search dor evidence)
  3. plain view
    officers may examine, and use as evidence without a warrent, contraband, or evidence, that is open to view at location where they are legally permitted to be.( No searching)
  4. seizures
    arresed , property, evidence, situations, in which police officers use people of their authority to deprive people of their liberty, or property and which must not be" unreasonable" according to the 4th amendment
  5. reasonable suspicion
    a police officer given beliefs based onĀ  articulable facts ( you think you have to have a reason)
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