1. What are the 7 labs for the wishbone structure?
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  2. What is Phenytoin used for?
    in a class of medications called anticonvulsants. It works by decreasing abnormal electrical activity in the brain.
  3. What is Warfarin used for?
    is used to prevent blood clots from forming or growing larger in your blood and blood vessels.
  4. Which two drugs are affected by low serum albumin?
    Warfarin and Phenytoin are affected by it.
  5. Why is grapefruit a no-no?
    Cytochrome P 450 3A4 is inhibited and Serum drug levels may become toxic because of it. (along with cholesterol lowering, central nervous system, and anti-infective, estrogens, immunosuppresants)
  6. Grapefruit is potentially lethal when mixed with that type of medication?
    Cardiac medication can be affected when/after eating this.
  7. High Na results in Na/Li exretion or absorption?
    it results in Na/Li exretion
  8. Which two elements are reabsorbed by the kidney and if which isn't replace would cause toxic levels?
    Na/Li, Na
  9. Which drug damages mucosal surface causing malabsorption?
  10. Which two drugs increase defficiency in B12, thiamin and Fe?
    Zantac, Protonix
  11. which two drugs cause Fe, Vit D and K deficiency?
    Phenobarbital and Phenytoin 
  12. which drug causes folate deficiency?
  13. Which drug inhibits converstion to active Vit B6?
  14. which drug increases urinary loss of K?
  15. which two reactoins enhance the effects or toxicity of the drug?
    • –Theophylline and caffeine and
    • –MAOI’s and tyramine
  16. high fat diets counteract which three drugs?
    Pravachol, Lipitor, Tricor
  17. vit K opposes which drug?
  18. what can cause candidiasis?
  19. which three drugs causes dysguesia (alter taste)?
    Flagyl, Lunesta, Biaxin
  20. which drugs cause glucose intolerance?
    Corticosteroids, Decardron
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