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  1. IETF
    Internet Engineering Task Force
  2. RFC
    Requests for Comments
  3. IAB
    Internet Architecture Board
  4. ICANN
    • Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers & Names
    • no profit organization
    • coordinates assignments of domain names, ip address numbers, protocol parameteres, protocol port numbers
  5. Intranet
    private network that shares info among coworkers
  6. Extranet
    a private network that shares info with external partners
  7. W3C
    • World wide web consortium
    • develops Recommendations and technologies related to the web and standardizes web technology
    • WAI-web accessibiulity initiative
  8. WCAG
    web conten accessibility guidelines
  9. Accessible Website
    accommodates people with disabilities
  10. ADA
    • americans with disabilities act
    • no discrimination against disabilities
  11. Section 508 of Rehabilitation act
    requires people with disabilites access to info technology that is just as good as normal peoples
  12. Universal Design
    Design of products and environments to be useable by all without need for adaptation or specialized design
  13. Network
    2 or more computers connected together for sharing resources
  14. Lan
    • Local area network
    • in a single building
  15. WAN
    • wide area network
    • connect computers in a widely dispersed geographical area
  16. Internet Backbone
    a high capacity com link that carries data gathered from smaller linkds that interconnect with it
  17. Client and Server
    • C requests some type of service from server
    • S fulfills the request and transmits the results to the client in a network
  18. MIME type
    • Multi Purpose Internet Mail Extension
    • a set of rules that allow multimedia to be exchanged amont many different computer systems
  19. protocols
    • rules that describe methods to communicate over a network
    • lots of protocols are needed to make the internet work
  20. FTP
    • File Transfer Protocol
    • rules that allow files to be exchanged on internet
    • web developers use ftp to transfer web page files from comp to web server
    • FTP is used to download files from other servers to computers
  21. SMTP
    • simple mail transfer protocol
    • sends email
  22. POP
    • post office protocol and internet mail access protocol
    • Recieving email
  23. HTTP
    • hypertext transfer protocol
    • rules for exchanging files on the web
    • they give requests and responses in http
  24. TCP/IP
    • transmission control protocol/internet protocol
    • the official communication protocol of the internet
    • they have different functions that work together
  25. TCP
    • breaks files into packets
    • Header(source destination checksum)/Data
  26. IP
    • routes the packets to correct address
    • ruels how data is sent between comps and internet
    • packets go from router to router til it reaches destination
  27. IP address
    each device has four unique groups of numbers called octets, may also correspond to a domain name
  28. Domain name
    locates an entity on internet uses ip address and text based names you type into a browser
  29. URI and URL
    • uniform resource identifier¬†
    • identifies a resource on the internet
    • uniform resource locator
    • a type of uri that represents the location of a resource like the cyberduck folders
  30. TLD
    • top level domain name
    • rightmost part of domain name (.com/.org)
  31. SGML and HTML
    • markup languages
    • standard generalized markup language
    • a standard for specifying a markup language or tag set
    • Hypertext markup language
    • markup symbols or codes placed in a file intended for display on a web browser
  32. XML
    • eXtensible markup language
    • a language to describe, deliver, and exchange structured info
    • not to replace html but to extend its power by separating data from presentation
  33. XHTML
    • eXtensible Hypertext Markup Language
    • combines html and xml
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