Biology 4-2

  1. Stem cells have 3 Characteristics
    • Unspecialized
    • Can make more stem cells
    • Can make specialized cells
    • Stem sells renew themselves
    • Some genes in both cells
  2. 3 Kinds of Stem Cells
    • Embryonic stem cells
    • Adult Stem Cells
    • Induced pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs)
    • -Reprogrammed adult cells
    • -Become like embryonic stem cells
  3. Embryonic Stem Cells
    • From very early embryo
    • Get them from fertility clinics
    • 400,000 frozen embryos sitting in clinics
    • Can consent for research
    • Are capable of long term self renewal
    • Can make millions of stem cells
    • Cam become all cell types
    • 220 different cells
    • If you add different chemicals you can make different things ex-blood, nerve
    • Disadvantage at some point you have to use an embryo
  4. Adult Stem Cells
    • Are found in some tissues (12 so far)
    • Can make the cell type of the same tissue in which they reside
    • ex-nerve in a dish get nerve cells
    • More specialized then embryonic stem cells
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