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  1. How often does a FD respond to a fire in the U.S.?
    Approximately every 20 secs.
  2. In 2006, 47% of LODD were due to...
    heart attacks
  3. Information half life
    • how long it takes for 50% of information to become obsolete
    • half life is increasing over time
  4. Hydrogen Cyanide
    • byproduct of wool, silk, cotton, paper synthetics
    • colorless gas
    • can be present before ignition temp. is reached
  5. SCBA NFPA standards
    • 1404- SCBA program
    • 1500- Occupational safety including SCBA
    • 1981- requires HUD
    • 1982- PASS
  6. expandable management system used for incidents
    Incident Management System
  7. BLEVE
    • Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion
    • can occur in flammable and non flammable liquid containers
  8. Fully developed
    phase of fire where all contents of the room are burning
  9. most common method of extinguishing a fire is 
    cooling the burning material
  10. Classes of Fire
    • A- Ordinary Combustibles Triangle
    • B- Flammable Liquids Square
    • C- Electrical Fires Circle
    • D- Combustible Metals Star
    • K- Cooking oils Octagon
  11. Truck and Quint
    • Truck has ladders, extrication tools, rescue, forcible entry, ventilation tools, aerial device
    • Quint has hose, pump, water, ladders, and aerial device
  12. most of the components in vehicle passenger compartments are...
  13. Roof/ hook ladder
    • straight wall ladder with two retractable hooks on the end
    • provides footing stability on peak roofs
  14. How many FF needed to perform Shoulder Toss method?
    • ONE ff
    • used to cover large unbreakable items
  15. When shutting off sprinkler systems always bring...
    bolt cutters
  16. One of the most common hazards to FF during salvage
    Ceiling collapse
  17. basic goal of salvage ops.
    property conservation
  18. water hammer
    • sudden surge of pressure created by quick opening or closing of valves in water system
    • can damage piping, valves, or pump
  19. dry barrell hydrant
    • has valve at base of hydrant to control water flow to all outlets
    • used where hydrant is subject to below freezing temperatures
  20. Minimum info needed to process emergency call...
    • location and nature of emergency
    • callers location and situation
    • callback number
  21. First national emergency telephone number
    999 intoduced in great britain in 1930
  22. natural factors affecting fire stream
    • natural and man made
    • natural is wind, snow, rain, trees
    • moving stream closer reduces these factors
  23. Operating psi for air chissel
    • standard- 100-150 psi
    • rescue- up to 300 psi
  24. operation of high pressure airbags and safety
    • 130 psi
    • can lift up to 80 tons
    • larger on bottom
    • dont stack more than two
    • must have a solid base
    • crib as you lift
  25. Chief officers and responsibilities
    person ultimately responsible for operation and administration of FD
  26. Beam
    structural element that transfers loads perpindicular to its length
  27. balloon frame
    • older wood frame buildings and victorians
    • wood studs run from the foundation to the roof and floors are hung on studs
  28. passive emitters
    inantimate objects whose temp. will vary depending on environment and time exposed
  29. flashover
    sudden event occuring when all contents of a container reach their ignition temp. simultaneously
  30. early volunteer depts. were made up of...
  31. how much of US is covered by 911
    93% of population and 96% of geographic US
  32. single fuel fires smoke colors
    • may indicate type of material burning
    • all solid materials will emit a white smoke when first heated
    • unfinished wood and natural materials turn brown
    • plastics and painted surfaces will turn grey
    • all materials will eventually turn to black smoke
    • yellowish gray sign of backdraft
  33. physical fitness
    • safety and well being of FF increase with physical fitness
    • FF body must be accustomed to and capable of handling stress
  34. PPE
    • primary layer of protection that FF dons prior to emergency and is worn until incident is mitigated
    • NFPA FF Turnouts- turnout coat, bunker pants, boots, helmet, eye protection hood, gloves, and SCBA
    • ensemble designed to meet minimum level of safety
    • IAFF, NFPA, and federal government all involved with design and regulations of PPE
    • NFPA 1500
  35. pulmonary edema
    can be caused by inhaling super heated gases and is accumulation of fluid in the lungs
  36. standard for entering IDLH
    NFPA 1404
  37. standard for HUD 
    NFPA 1981
  38. When should you check SCBA
    check daily 
  39. Fill rate of SCBA
    300-600 psi/minute
  40. 10-10-10 rule
    crews allowed ten mins to enter and work, ten minutes to exit, and ten minutes in case of problems
  41. How to inspect extinguishers
    • Most FF checks will be visually
    • should be checked whenever apparatus is checked
    • extinguishers in buildings should be checked every 30 days or electrically monitored
  42. refilling a water extinguisher
    • usually done at fire station
    • remove top, add water, adding solvent, replacing top and pressurizing with compressed air
    • most have 2.5 gallons of water
  43. Earths water
    • most of earth's freshwater is ground water
    • surface water is most common- 75% of earth is covered by water
  44. water tender
    • mobile water supply units
    • range from 1000 to 8000 gallons
  45. VOIP 
    • voice over internet protocol
    • converts audio into data transmitted thru internet
    • allows any telephone to access any other phone in the world
    • data is compressed allowing more calls to pass thru a system
  46. half life
    time required for a drug or substance deposited in living organism to be metabolized or eliminated by biological process
  47. high pressure hydrant
    connected to separate high pressure system used for only fire protection purposes
  48. soft suction hose
    • used to connect hydrant to pumper
    • aka large diameter hose
    • 4 1/2 - 6 inch hose 20,25,30 ft lengths
  49. horshoe load
    usually used for supply lines or to deploy whole load at once
  50. span of control 
    • ability of someone to supervise a number of other people or units
    • ranges from 3-7 units or individuals, ideal being five
  51. shoring
    the use of timbers to support/strengthen weakened structural members in order to avoid secondary collaps during rescue ops.
  52. how to stabilize a vehicle
    • required on all VC
    • vehicle with victim must be stabilized so vehicle weight is off suspension system
  53. active cooling
    • used for effective core temp. cooling
    • submerge forearms and hands in cool water
    • acts as a heat exchanger that brings down body temp in systematic way
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