1. What did Bogin find was different in the Myans lifestyle that allowed them to grow four inches taller in the U.S than in Guatemala
    Better diet and healthier lifestyle 
  2. Muney found that an extra year of schooling decreased a persons chance of dying by ____% points in a 10 year period
  3. Why did the elderly who recieved more social security hav ehigher mortality rates than the elderly who recieved less social security and had to work part-time 
    Because social isolation is thought to increase mortality staying inthe labor market has a positive impact.
  4. It is sugested that Asian and Pacific Islanders have the lowest infant mortality rates because
    They do better economically
  5. The longevity discrepency between blacks and whites may be a sign of
  6. The Whitehall Study found all of the following factors important in determining health outcomes except?
    Found important:  who you are, where you live, how much you earn, and what you do for a living
  7. Massachusetts passed a law that could leave less than 1% of the state's population
  8. A government program that provides heath insurance for the poor is..
  9. In the 1990s or so physicians authority begin to decline for several reasons. One of those was that more physicians were associated with HMOs. This meant that physicians
    Got paid a salary based on number of patients they take on
  10. One can best equate homeopathy to...
    "poison is the cure" give a little poison, a little disease, in order to kill or prevent illness.
  11. Physicians prestige has been on the decline since te 1980s which of the folowing might be a reason
    Doctors have created excess demand for their services 
  12. Which of the following is not one of the ways doctors establish their power
    Establish it by making you wait, charging fees if you're late, etc.
  13. What did mechanic and Meyer find to be the most important factor in rating their doctor
    Interpersonal confidence 
  14. One of the explanation of continued racism in America
    Authority was shifted from the federal government to state and local authoritites 
  15. Status consumption has been discussed earlier in this text in the chapter on stratification how does this effect poverty?
    We work insane amounts to have all these things we want but we buy too much. And things with "think we need"
  16. Why is it difficult for almost half of Americans to save for retirement
    Being able to forget about all the seemingly unlimited needs and wants that arise each pay cycle
  17. A study of Cherokee children whose income greatly increased due to legalized gambling on reservation found that.. 
    Childrens behavioral problems decreased
  18. Molly Orshansky used the U.S department of Agriculture recommendations for the minimum amount of healthy food estimated to cost for a varitey of family types and multiplied this figure by a factor of 3 to measure
    the official poverty line in the U.S
  19. One of the ways theorists who believe poverty is rationally measured poverty by
    relative poverty
  20. What term describes the measurement of poverty where a household income falls below the necessary level to purchase food, to physically substain ts members 
    absolute poverty
  21. Welfare hinders work because
    You have to spend considerable time and every jumping through hoops that the bureacucracy requires of you
  22. What is meant by the phrase "busted her digits"
    The end of the preceding week of "hard times", the last week of the month, when the previous check had long since runout
  23. What population was Oscar Lewis studying when he coined the term culture of poverty
    Mexican peasants (poor) and Puerto Ricans
  24. According to Daniel Patrick Moynihan what is the root cause of African Americans economic problems
    Their cultural arrangement- matrifocal and multigenerational
  25. What method is usually used to evaluate poverty 
    Objective analyses of statistics and economics
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