1. What method is usually used to evaluate poverty 
    Objective analyses of statiticsand economics 
  2. Soro's has suggested that repealing the estate tax would result in a shift of the tax burden onto earnings which would shift it onto people?
    with less money
  3. Yugo's promotion to regional manager at starbucks with a higher salary and more presitge is an example of what type of vertical social mobility
    vertical mobility
  4. An example of horizontal social mobility?
    Methodist who converts to Lutheranism, family that migrates from one city to another, secretary that changes firms
  5. What American job sector has greatly increased since the Oil Crisis of 1973?
    service jobs
  6. The upper class is composed primarily of CEO's, government officials, celebritites, and very successful professionals. What percentage of the population does this represent?
  7. Mills believed that centralized power in the hands of a few
    major institutions; economic, political, and military 
  8. Pareto believed in a society in which status and mobility are based on individual attributes and ability called
  9. According to the relative social prestige of selected U.S. occupations table which blue collar occupation has the highest prestige score?
    police officer
  10. Which theorist argues that members of a class are gropued by thei values in the commercial market place?
  11. Which group exploits the working class by taking more of the value of the work of laborers than they repay in wages?
  12. The process in India whereby an entire cast can leap frog over another and obtain a higher position in the hiearchy is called?
  13. Thomas Mathus had a positive view of inequality he defended, disease, slavery, and child murder, why?
    To avoid the problem of massive overpopulation and hence starvation
  14. What is the term that refers to a form of wealth that can be stored for the future
  15. Which of the following statements is true regarding the current U.S. incarnation rate? 
    Today we have the highest rates than ever before 
  16. Goffman called situations where all aspects of life are conducted in the same place and under the same single authority
    Total institutions 
  17. The first act of deviance that people engage in before they ever get caught and labeled are know as...
    primary deviance
  18. Which of the following is an example of a symblic interactionist theory of deviance
    Labeling Theory
  19. According to Merton a person who completely stops participating in society's drive to achieve its defined goals is a?
  20. Punishments that are based on the usual unexpressed but widely known rules of group membership are known as unspoken rules and as?
    Informal social sanctions 
  21. Which type of social solidarity is based on interdependence because the members of society perform different and specialized functions according to Durkheim?
    Organic solidarity
  22. Which of Durkheim's types of social solidarity characterized premodern life?
    Organic solidarity
  23. In a gathering society most people do the same things. They gather food for their survival so the members of a society are very similar. Durkheim would say that the type of solidarity in a gathering societ would be?
    Mechanical/segmental solidarity
  24. Crime and deviance
    Crime is a type of formal deviance, it is a violation of laws entactedby society. Deviance is breaking the rules of which most abide.
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