Path Chap 9 Terms

  1. Hypervolemia
    when the kidney is unable to remove excess fluid from the body or if the blood retains excess fluid
  2. Ovulation
    release of an ovum from the ovaries that occurs approximately 2 weeks before menses
  3. Amenorrhea
    absense of menses
  4. Dysuria
    difficulty urinating
  5. Nocturia
    frequent waking from sleep to urinate, unusal urgency
  6. Incontinence
    inability to control urinary excretions
  7. Oliguria
    very infrequent urination
  8. Anuria
    absence of urination
  9. Hematospermia
    bood in the semen
  10. Libido
    psychoemotional sex drive
  11. Oligomenorrhea
    3-6 menstrual cylcles per year
  12. Dysmenorrhea
    disabling pain or discomfort that occurs with menstration
  13. Premenstrual syndrome
    a complex of physical & psychological signs & symptoms that occur several days before menstration
  14. Menarche
    first menses
  15. Hematuria
    blood in urin
  16. Proteinuria
    protein in urin
  17. Glucosuria
    glucose in urine
  18. Varicoceles
    varicose veins in the scrotum
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